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Engineering People Manofacturing Industry With Big Modern Computer Mashines

Top Manufacturing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Engineering People Manofacturing Industry With Big Modern Computer Mashines

January 23, 2019 Posted by in Other

The manufacturing industry is an essential component of the global economy, with companies operating in diverse sectors such as food and beverage, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and many others. The U.S. manufacturing industry is the largest of the world, producing 18.2% of the world’s goods. Playing such an important role, the manufacturing industry is always under the pressure of operating at full capacity, following all health and safety regulations, but also staying up-to-date with any industry news and technological developments.

If your company operates in the manufacturing industry, one the main aspects you need to be concerned about is the health and safety of your employees. Making sure that you are taking all the measures for offering a safe workplace means always being aware of industry changes. Whether we are talking about changes in the legislation or technological changes that will ease your health and safety procedures, staying informed is an essential step towards protecting your employees and assuring business continuity.

Keeping up with news in the manufacturing industry also helps you improve the outcome of your business decisions, follow digital trends, check up on your competitors, modernize marketing plans, or improve your crisis communication strategies. In today’s times, when the internet has brought all information at our fingertips, industry news and innovations are easily accessible, as opposed to the times when you would have to attend a conference in another state. And although there are a lot of methods through which you could get the information you need, today we are going to be focusing on manufacturing blogs.

The Advantages of Reading a Manufacturing Blog

  • It helps your company build authority in the industry by following all proper procedures and implementing new technologies you find out about from well-documented blogs
  • It provides you and your employees with free industry knowledge always one click away
  • It can provide solutions to a number of problems you might be facing as they are written based on industry specifics and also on the experiences of other manufacturers
  • It can help you keep up with industry regulators and improve your health and safety programs and strategies
  • You get a feel of how customers react to manufacturing products, and other related feedback
  • It helps improve your marketing strategies by providing information on competitors, industry trends, case studies, and more
  • It keeps you up-to-date with information about distributors and suppliers

Top Manufacturing Blogs You Should be Reading

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 manufacturing blogs you should be reading. You can use the list to browse on your own, or share it with departments from within your manufacturing company, such as the department in charge or health and safety, the department in charge of marketing, or departments that handle your internal communications. Also, if you have a team assigned to your crisis communication strategies, they could benefit from being up-to-date with modern solutions for communicating in time of a crisis, or with case studies based on situations that took place in the industry.

  • Manufacture This – Run by the Alliance for American Manufacturing offers information, reports, statistics and more on anything from digital manufacturing trends to health and safety regulations, or manufacturers in the U.S. and stories from inside their businesses.
  • Manufacturing Innovation Blog – Established by The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is now a part of U.S. Department of Commerce, this blog tackles topics such as advance communications, bioscience, cybersecurity, energy, environment, health, information technology, nanotechnology, public safety, industry standards, and many others.
  • Manufacturing Outlook Blog – MAPI is a nonprofit professional society supporting manufacturing leaders; their blog focuses on topics such as leadership, risk and compliance, finance, operations, global economy, growth, innovation, workplace safety, the future of manufacturing, trade deals, crisis communications, and more.
  • Manufacturing.Net – Describing themselves as a leading source for when it comes to manufacturing and product development news and information, and they cover topics from aerospace, economics, energy, labor, rules and regulations, operations, safety, technology, trade, supply chain, and many others.
  • Cisco Manufacturing Blog – Covering topics such as industrial automation, Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, factory collaboration, factory mobility, security, health and safety, and many others, the Cisco Manufacturing blog is a great resource for keeping up with news from the manufacturing industry.
  • Manufacturing Transformation – According to their mission statement, the blog aims to provide a community forum for discussing today’s global manufacturing transformation; the topics they write about come from a wide range of manufacturing sectors such as process improvement, safety, lean manufacturing, technology trends, women in manufacturing, and many others.
  • Fabbaloo – This blog discusses news and innovations for the world of 3D manufacturing, following industry developments and publishing daily analysis on anything related to 3D printing in a wide range of sectors such as medical innovation, clothing, education, and more.
  • Robotiq – Covering news and topics and robotics in the manufacturing industry, developments in the sector of robotics, fully automated factories, energy, universal standards when it comes to robotics in manufacturing, fabrication, and many others.
  • The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – Although a local resource assisting small and medium-sized businesses, the blog offers quality information on manufacturing topics such as security, strategic planning, quality management systems, employee engagement, safety, and more.

Regardless of the reason you choose to read a manufacturing blog, systematically following industry news will help you develop better strategies for your manufacturing company. Whether we are talking about improving your culture of safety, updating your communication strategies, or keeping up with industry innovations, a manufacturing blog provides you with a free and high-quality resource. Share this blog list with management structures and with all teams in charge of developing your manufacturing strategies, and you will be providing them with an easy-to-use channel of information. Making the most of what the internet and industry blogs have to offer is an excellent business decision which will reflect in the overall activity of your manufacturing company over time.

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