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Real-Time Alerts that Get Attention

Increase Your Effectiveness with Multi-Channel Mass Notification

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A mass notification system disruptive enough to get immediate attention

As where and how we work has changed, reaching people can be challenging. Especially in an emergency, you need a way to ensure your notifications are received, read, and acted on. Robust, multi-channel mass notification software ensures recipients are reached on channels they use most.

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Reach People When It Matters Most

In an emergency, your alerts must be disruptive enough to get people’s attention. With RedFlag’s multi-channel mass notification system, you can quickly instruct people to evacuate, work remotely, or log out during a cyber attack, by sending messages on channels they consistently use.

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Save Time

Compose a message once and send it to multiple channels with the click of a button.

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Safer & More Secure

With enterprise level data security and reliability via the Microsoft Azure cloud, keep your most valuable assets – your data and your people – safe and secure.

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Hyper-Target with Custom Groups

Segmenting and using location for alerts reduces unnecessary communications to encourage readability and response. In an emergency, where someone is located determines their level of risk and danger. As more employees work away from office locations, it is critical to use location-based alerts so you can send relevant messages in seconds.

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Get Insights with Polling and Acknowledgement

Send multi-channel polls or acknowledgement requests and view results in one combined report. You can even send attachments to recipients via multiple channels.

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Empower Two-Way Chatting for One-to-One Communication

Close the loop quicker when your recipients can send texts or emails to you to report problems, ask questions, or quickly identify who needs help.


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Text (10DLC & Shortcode)

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Voice Call

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Microsoft Teams

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Mobile App

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Digital Signage

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Desktop Alerts (coming soon)

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Sirens & Intercoms (coming soon)

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Make Better Data-Informed Decisions

See real-time results and detailed analytics on message sends, allowing you to monitor operations at a glance, drill down when necessary, and gain insights into recipients’ behavior.

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Don't let a communications failure cost an injury or life.