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Why Pocketstop?

Leading in Innovative Communication Technology Since 2006

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Company History

We built our first messaging platform in 2006. At the time, smartphones didn’t exist and typing on a numeric keypad was extremely cumbersome. We pioneered text messaging software that was more efficient for sending mass text messages and we soon developed a reputation for innovation and a loyal base of companies that are still with us today.

We helped our customers improve their B2C communications so much that they began asking for help with other challenges as well – such as keeping their employees safe and informed.

A lot has changed since the beginning – phones have gotten smarter and have become part of our everyday lives. We continue to innovate and provide our clients with solutions that increase productivity, leveraging the latest technology and the most advanced communication platform available.

230 Million

messages sent

15 Years of Providing

text message communication



Our Values

At Pocketstop, we strive to deliver a unique twist on established solutions by blending intelligent design with extensible development. Our solutions are friendly and flexible, perfect for organizations of all types and sizes.

We take the core values of our company very seriously:



We strive for quality in everything we do. We only release products that we are proud of and solve our client’s communication problems. We strive to create an evangelist out of every customer.



We will only commit to what we’re certain we can deliver, and we always do what we say we’ll do. We will be honest and transparent and we’re equally willing to reap the rewards or pay the consequences of our actions and performance.



We will focus on doing more with less, in both our approach as well as the solutions we provide. Through collaboration, we will develop scalable, flexible solutions that solve real problems confronting our customers.



We are passionate and committed to reaching our ambitions and results, within our team and for our clients. We will adapt to change and be willing to take risks.

Pocketstop Product Excellence

Pocketstop is the hands-down, clear choice when choosing your communications platform.

Why Pocketstop All-in-One Solution-image


An all-in-one suite, and the ability to buy only what you need, means you have a complete solution with parts that always work together but you never spend a nickel for features you don’t need.

Why Pocketstop-support-side-image


No great product is complete without great customer service. We offer onboarding, training, ongoing consulting, and 365 day support. We offer phone and email support and expertise to help your compliance with all related regulations.

Why Pocketstop Security-image


We offer world-class security and reliability with failover architecture via the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Hybrid Technology

Some companies offer only short codes, which are not well-suited for one-to-one communication. Others offer only landline texting, which is not allowed for mass messaging. Pocketstop offers both so we can handle all the required messaging needs with one integrated solution.

Campaign Automation-Pocketstop


Our platform saves you time and money by automating processes such as triggering messages based on recipient profile or behavior, message scheduling, automated alerts, automatic replies, and recurring messages set to send at specific frequencies.



Built specifically for non-technical people, our interfaces are extremely intuitive and easy to use.


Business Intelligence

Our concise dashboards focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing you to monitor operations at a glance, drill down when necessary, and gain insights into recipients’ behavior.

"Pocketstop is the easiest company I have ever worked with."

- Rebecca Schroeder, Telephone & Data Systems

Serving 100's of Companies in the U.S.

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