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Emergency Notification Mobile Apps

RedFlag Emergency Notification Apps

RedFlag Recipient App

Emergency Notification App for Recipients

The Redflag Alerts app enable your recipients to receive notifications directly to their mobile phone whether at home, traveling, or in the workplace. Recipients can also better self-manage their own data and message history.

  • Better alert visibility
  • Send hyper-targeted messages now based on geo-location
  • Gather and update recipient data seamlessly
  • Greater control, ease of setup, and security


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Emergency Notification Mobile App

RedFlag Admin App for iPhone or Android

The RedFlag Admin App for iOS and Android is a mobile version of the online mass notification system for administrators to use. It provides access to send SMS text, voice, app notifications, Microsoft Teams alerts and email messages to groups of any size, turning your phone or tablet into a powerful multichannel emergency mass-messaging system.

Users can quickly send emergency alert messages to individual contacts or groups of any size. Create new messages or access existing templates. You can view message reports on your phone or tablet to see who received the message, no matter where you are. Use the emergency notification mobile app to send alerts and closings, appointment reminders, employee notifications, event announcements or any other type of message that needs to go to a large group of people quickly. Contacts can even reply to the message via phone, email or text.

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