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Adopt Text Messaging Software for Recruiting

Are you still recruiting using email? Whether you are a staffing agency, restaurant, tech startup or Fortune 100 company, SMS messages provide many benefits to employers over email. 98% of text messages get read, and 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

It’s time to add SMS for recruitment with RedFlag. Better communicate with job applicants to hourly workers. Send alerts on sick employees, no shows and more to scheduling for job interviews to benefit packages.

Our simple, multi-channel communication system allows you to write once and send staffing messages via:

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SMS Text Message

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Voice Calls

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Microsoft Teams

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Recipient Mobile App (coming soon)

Staffing with SMS and Multi-Channel Messaging

Leading companies are using SMS text messages and other channels to send mass messages to their employees to efficiently fill open shifts and solicit referrals. Sending out a multi-channel message blast from the Pocketstop portal, Outlook, or our iPhone and Android apps to your employees is the single best way to fill positions fast.

Staffing with Two-Way Messaging

SMS is how many of today’s shift employees and job candidates prefer to communicate. They often read and respond to text messages far more often and faster than email.

With Pocketstop RedFlag’s Two Way Chat, candidates can respond directly to the texts you send – and you can easily continue the one-to-one conversation via text.

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How Staffing Communication Works

A Staffing Need Arises

You’ve got 5 open shifts to fill for the next work week. You need to simultaneously ask 30 people if they are available or not, and fast.

Send a Segmented Multi-Channel Message

Blast a text and/or email to the employees in your group asking them to click a link to acknowledge if they are available to pick up a shift.

Get Real-Time Results

As responses come in, you can see the results of your staffing poll in real-time.

Follow Up

Confirm the new shift schedule with the employees who acknowledged and start a two-way conversation via text to coordinate the details.

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Achieve maximum staffing effectiveness with the right communication tools.