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Hyper-Target Messages for Relevancy and Clarity

Group and Location Based Alerts

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Precise targeting, including location-based alerts reach the right people at the right moment

Imagine a fire or tornado warning has been issued, and you need to immediately alert just the employees in affected areas. Use custom groups based on any data point – including real-time location – to segment your audience, avoiding unnecessary panic and providing relevant instructions quickly to those that need them.


Easily identify the right audience

With custom groups, you can craft specific messages that make more sense.

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Send clear, relevant messages

No matter what kind of communication, sending it to the right people is crucial.

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Increase open and read rates

Don't oversend – more specific and relevant alerts boost trust, open and read rates.

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Send Location-Based Alerts

When location matters, see GPS
recipients, static recipient locations and physical assets within a custom-drawn geofence. Then easily send precise messages to your defined group.

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Create Pre-Determined Groups or Create On-the-Fly

Save time by creating unlimited groups ahead of time, or use the quick, easy-to-use filters to create a group as needed.

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Create Groups Based On

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GPS Location, Static Location, and Asset Location

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Job Title or Role

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Building Location

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Work Type - Remote, In-Office, Traveling

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By Business Type – Employee, Vendor, Contractor, Third-Party

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Easily Manage Recipient Data

Wondering how to upload and keep your recipient data clean? RedFlag offers multiple options to upload and refresh your data depending on what you need.

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"Redflag has been great in helping us get messages out to our field employees. From severe weather events to social gatherings, we are able to communicate quickly and efficiently with every employee with a cell phone or email. We no longer have to rely on word-of-mouth to share crucial information with the crews."

- Steven O., Project Specialist

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Don't let a communications failure cost an injury or life.