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Emergency Mass Notification System for Business Continuity

Restoring Critical Business Functions Is Your Number One Priority

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During a business disruption, nothing matters more for restoring business functions than establishing a clear line of communication

Of all the business continuity and recovery strategies you’ll consider, nothing promotes organizational resilience and assures continued business operations more than implementing robust communication systems with multi-channel, mobile capabilities. With RedFlag Emergency Mass Notification, you’ll be ready for unexpected critical events such as:


Cyber Attack IT Network Failure Communication Network Crash Network Failure Severe Weather


With RedFlag, you can:
Gain feedback and insights on the information provided
Confirm who is receiving and reading information
Effectively connect with individuals to initiate an action plan for resolving issues that arise

World-Class Crisis Communications

Keep executives, staff, and other stakeholders in the loop during any business disruption.


Send emergency messages via email, text, voice calls, social media, and signage with the click of a button through the Pocketstop portal, iPhone or Android apps, or directly from Outlook.

Quick & Affordable

Lightning fast setup with technology you already have. No hardware, development, or maintenance costs.

Easy to Use

Intuitive and simple enough for anybody to use, for both sender and recipient alike.


Easily allow employees to send management alerts and updates of what’s happening on the front lines at all times.

Azure Cloud-Based Security

Even if your critical infrastructure goes down, Pocketstop RedFlag still allows you to reach your people during an emergency.

Crisis Communication

Real time emergency communication system to keep your employees safe during an emergency or business disruption. RedFlag is the best way to keep your employees informed during a crisis such as:

  • Communication network failure
  • Cyber-attack
  • Critical system or network failure

With two-way communication and acknowledgment, your employees can respond to your messages with their own alerts and updates, allowing you to resolve issues faster by knowing what’s happening in real time.

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Internal Communication

The internal communication system for informed, responsive employees. The easiest, most effective way to keep your employees up to date.

  • Quickly put a response team in place
  • Minimize inbound calls
  • Ensure key executives are kept in the loop
  • Provide status updates & real-time news
  • Call in additional staff

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White Paper: How To Build and Test an IT Disaster Communications Strategy

Access from Anywhere

Send messages, communicate and gather insights from anywhere using any device.

Real Time Analytics

Intuitive dashboard to monitor overall program performance and make more informed decisions.

World Class Support

365-day support with onboarding, training, and ongoing consulting.


We offer world-class security and reliability with failover architecture via the Microsoft Azure cloud.

"For JLL-managed assets, we needed to rethink how we communicate from a security standpoint. The safety of our shoppers, employees and tenants is a top priority for us and by utilizing RedFlag, we are better able to facilitate quick and timely communication during an emergency."

- Karen R., JLL

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