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Save time, money
— and lives.

Protect what matters most. Trust RedFlag for multi-channel company alerts and deliver mass notifications in real-time, when seconds count.

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Keep your people safe.

Protect your most valuable assets when the unexpected happens. Whether the threat you’re facing is an act of nature or a security breach, RedFlag’s award-winning solution gives you the intelligent technology you need to keep your people out of harm’s way during an emergency.

RedFlag Emergency Notification System COVID Message

Keep the trains running on time.

Don’t let an environmental or operational crisis cost you more than they have to. RedFlag’s external communication system keeps your business online and limits interruptions when your internal networks are down or throttled by the unexpected.

Averting a crisis shouldn’t be out of reach.

Get enterprise-level technology built to serve companies with 200 or 200,000 employees — with pricing that works with your existing operations budget.

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per user

How RedFlag Can Help

Leverage RedFlag to send mass text notifications and resolve emergencies faster.

  • Rapidly inform people of critical situations in seconds
  • Provide timely event updates and instructions via text
  • Quickly identify who needs help
  • Efficiently coordinate and mobilize resources
  • Get real-time visibility in the field via two-way communication, acknowledgement and analytics
Redflag Messages Crisis Communication

Use RedFlag to keep your company, employees and vendors healthy and safe

  • Alert specific individuals if they have been potentially exposed with custom segmenting and geotargeting
  • Rapidly notify employees, vendors or customers of changes in work hours, closures or evolving updates to protocol
  • Utilize polls and surveys to conduct wellness checks before shifts
  • Communicate with remote/non-office workers and keep track of mobile employees
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Promote organizational resilience by implementing robust communication systems with multi-channel, mobile capabilities.

  • Quickly communicate with vendors on supply chain interruptions, plant closings, network failures and more
  • Effectively connect with individuals to  resolve issues that arise
  • Seamlessly integrate your conference bridge to rapidly gather decision makers
  • Confirm who is reading information and gain insights on the information provided
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Use RedFlag’s company text alert system to communicate with every one of your impacted employees. Keep everyone up to date. Use RedFlag to communicate:

  • Labor relations, strikes or organizational restructuring
  • Maintenance issues
  • Training
  • Benefits awareness
  • Policy and safety protocol changes
  • Health and wellness polls and prompts
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Streamline communications, increase tenant satisfaction, and reduce the time spent creating and responding to messages with RedFlag.

  • Efficiently inform tenants of critical situations
  • Quickly identify who needs help and get tenants to safety
  • Provide timely event updates and instructions
  • Receive real time feedback with Polling and Acknowledgement

Why RedFlag?

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It’s smarter.

Know where your people are and what they need when the unexpected happens with RedFlag’s 2-way communication.

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It’s easier.

RedFlag’s intuitive dashboard features recipient targeting and automation — and it gives you real-time analytics with insightful reports.

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It’s faster.

Communicate and gather insights from anywhere on any device. You can also send multi-channel messages directly from Outlook.

Integrated with Microsoft 365

RedFlag is the first mass text notification system to provide an integrated experience from Microsoft 365.

  • Create & send messages via text, voice, social, email & more directly from Outlook
  • Seamlessly import subscriber and group information without leaving Excel
  • NEW! Send desktop and mobile messages, polls and more via Teams

Microsoft Integration Details

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