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Mass NotificationMass Notification

Mass Notification

RedFlag empowers companies to quickly and easily reach employees/stakeholders with just-in-time multi-channel messages for crisis, internal communication and staffing.

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Text Message MarketingText Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Straightxt is our powerful text message marketing automation solution empowering you to identify the right customers, activate actions, and analyze results through data segmentation and personalization.

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Proximity MarketingProximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing

Wi-Fi Alive is our results-driven, but budget-friendly solution to message onsite customers providing you the ability to effect basket size, confirm proximity, and disrupt customers’ current state with a text message that gets immediate attention.

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Featured Pocketstop Solutions

Our communication solutions enables you to communicate with your audiences using the most effective technology.


Our solutions empower marketers with an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform to engage their customers through text and deliver a solid ROI.


Our solutions are suited to anyone who needs to communicate urgent and critical information to internal and external stakeholders quickly, easily and securely.

Our communication solutions can be scaled to organizations and businesses of every size in any industry.


An all-in-one solution designed for consumer-oriented brick and mortar businesses to guide customers through a shopping and entertainment journey in real-time.


Our solutions enable companies in a variety of industries to reach their employees/stakeholders with just-in-time communications for crisis, internal communication and staffing.

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[Case Study] How Albertsons Grew it's Choice Beef Sales

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