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Easily Manage and Sync Your Recipient Data

Use ONE platform for all contact data

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Easy Data Management is the Key to Effective Mass Communication

With RedFlag, you have many options to upload and manage data with the flexibility you need for your organization. No more manually updating spreadsheets, outdated data or multiple contact databases.

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One Source of Truth

In an emergency, up-to-date contact information in one database, to immediately send communication is critical. With RedFlag, get an accurate database to house ALL of your workforce data.

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Save Time

No more updating lists and contacts in multiple places - Redflag allows you to sync data seamlessly.

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Secure and Streamlined Syncing

Our powerful yet easy-to-use system features Azure AD data syncing. You can rest assured that the very best technology is utilized in managing your data.

Data AD Sync

Sync Automatically with Azure Directory

Take advantage of automatic syncing from your Azure Directory to keep data clean. Easily manage your data from just one place, Azure AD, and your changes automatically import. Installation is just a few minutes to setup without any technical support needed.

Data API

File Sync Multiple File Types

Whether it’s a CSV or any other file type, you can easily upload and manage your data. The import will even create automatic groups based on any data field you’d like (recipients per location, for example).

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Data custom sync

Custom sync with your HR platform via API

Link your system with RedFlag so you can upload recipients and manage your data in one place.

Data recipient app

Have Recipients Add Their Data via Web & Mobile App

Using either the custom-branded web portal or recipient mobile app, recipients can enter their own data and preferences.

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Make Better Data-Informed Decisions

See real-time results and detailed analytics on message sends, allowing you to monitor operations at a glance, drill down when necessary, and gain insights into recipients’ behavior.

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"We are a small to medium size organization, so the ability of this service to be so versatile and affordable is a huge plus. Additionally, the user interface is simple to use and isn't overloaded with useless features and buttons."

- Shawn H., IT Project Leader

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Don't let a communications failure cost an injury or life.