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The Real Time, Mass Notification System for Groups of Any Size

Efficiently Inform People of Critical Situations

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The Easiest Way to Send Real Time Group Notifications

Thousands of companies trust RedFlag Mass Notification to deliver important notifications to people when and where they need it. Our simple, multi-channel communication system allows you to deliver real time alerts and critical information to groups of any size when emergency events occur such as:

• Severe weather   • IT network failure   • Facility closings   • Maintenance issues   • Cyber attack

Keep Everyone Up to Date and Connected

Pocketstop RedFlag makes it easy to send timely, personalized, relevant messages to large groups, small groups, or specific individuals. Recipients can customize how they receive messages and they can respond with their own alerts and updates.

Solve Issues Faster

With two-way communication, you can close the loop quicker when your recipients can send text messages or emails to you to report problems, ask questions, or quickly identify who needs help.

Save Time

Compose a message once and send it to multiple channels with the click of a button. You can also send multi-channel messages directly from Outlook. Manage all of your notifications with an easy-to-use dashboard, generate detailed reports, and automatically import users’ data from third-party software.

Increase Productivity

RedFlag Mass Notification lets you create lists and define rules allowing you to efficiently coordinate / mobilize resources by targeting any group by any segment or size. You can also quickly and easily send attachments to recipients.

Easily Collect Recipient Data

RedFlag’s self-registration portal and text-to-join interfaces makes it very easy to manage contact information so that you’ll always be able to reach people, the way they prefer, when it matters most. You can even upload the information you already have and allow recipients to complete their profiles.

Power and Reliability

With enterprise level data security and reliability via the Microsoft Azure cloud, keep your most valuable assets – your data and your people – safe and secure.

#1 Rated Mass Notification System – RedFlag
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How Mass Communication Works

Gather & Import Recipient Data

Easily add recipients via third party import or self-registration portal & build customized groups.

Send a Segmented Multi-Channel Alert

Create a message, designate the delivery time and select which recipient group. Send via text, voice, email or post on social media.

Follow Up

Receive and analyze vital feedback from recipients in real-time by asking them to acknowledge or respond.

Gain Insight

See detailed analytics on how to optimize your future communications.

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Access from Anywhere

Send messages, communicate and gather insights from anywhere using any device including our iPhone and Android apps.

Real Time Analytics

Intuitive dashboard to monitor overall program performance.

Custom User Levels

Assign different permission levels to balance the need for convenient access while maintaining data security and consistency of messaging.

World Class Support

365-day support with onboarding, training and ongoing consulting.

Spring 2019 Rising Star Award For Emergency Mass Notification Software for RedFlag

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