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Real-Time Analytics: Good Data Means Great Peace of Mind

RedFlag’s real-time analytics take the guesswork out of who’s read your message during a crisis situation — and if they need help.

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Data-informed Decisions are Better Decisions

RedFlag gives you real-time analytics of your message activity. Concise reports let you monitor operations at a glance, drill down when necessary, and gain insight into recipient behaviors.

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Ensure 100% of Workforce Has Been Reached

RedFlag’s reachability scores, delivery stats and interaction results tell you when your message has been received.

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Take Action with Real-Time Results

Immediately identify who needs a response or help.

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Optimize Future Communications

Based on past analytics data, RedFlag helps you find trends in what channels, times, etc. perform better.

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Keep Communication Lines Open

With RedFlag, track real-time message delivery including read and open rates to ensure your people are informed and ready to act.

Send Alerts that Get Attention
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Analyze Poll Answers in One Place

Send polls and acknowledgement requests via multiple channels, and analyze all answers in one, unified report. Filter and send additional automated communication to recipients who answered a specific way.

More on Polling
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See Message Health for Future Sends

While composing future messages, see what percent of recipients are reachable and unreachable — overall and per each channel.

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