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Make Smart, Data-Backed Business Decisions With Polling and Acknowledgement

Polling Redflag

Keep A Pulse On Your Business With Polling

In order to make smart data-backed business decisions, you need direct feedback from your employees. With Polling, you’re able to elicit direct, measurable, and actionable feedback by asking your message recipients questions on topics ranging from employee satisfaction, feedback on company events, and receiving on the ground intelligence in the case of an emergency. With RedFlag Polling, the benefits you receive include:

  • Making Smart Business Decisions – By giving your message recipients a direct voice in business decisions, their direct feedback will allow for better business performance
  • Stay Informed In A Crisis Situations – Get definitive and direct feedback without delay from your recipients in a crisis situation so you have on the ground knowledge to efficiently allocate resources and assistance.
  • Enhanced Workforce Management – Sometimes you need to know who on your workforce is available for an upcoming or last minute project requiring you to get a headcount of available employees at a specific point in time.

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Redflag Acknowledgment

Use Acknowledgement To Confirm Your Messages Have Been Received

Whether it is a message regarding important business decisions or confirming the safety of recipients in a crisis situation, you need to provide a straightforward way for your recipients to acknowledge they have read your message. Acknowledgement provides you actionable feedback by providing a link for your recipients to click or tap confirming your message was read giving you absolute peace of mind it was seen.

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Use Advanced Polling For Enhanced Feedback

Sometimes a unique situation arises that demands distinct feedback. With Advanced Polling, you can create multiple choice questions with custom answer fields and response-specific follow up messages. This extends your ability to receive more enhanced intelligence allowing for smarter business decisions. In a crisis situation, you could choose to send a message to certain recipients impacted and ask them if they are safe or need help, resulting in a follow up message only to individuals requesting assistance.

Other use cases of Advanced Polling include asking your employees where they are working from (At the office, At home, At an alternate facility), finding out who is available to work during a flu outbreak (I’m available, I’m sick), or feedback on an upcoming company luncheon (I want the chicken entrée, I want the pork entrée, I want the vegetarian entrée).

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