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Pocketstop RedFlag Mass Notification for Office 365

RedFlag for Outlook Add-in

RedFlag for Outlook is a powerful add-in that enables you to create & send messages via text, voice, social, email & more without leaving Outlook.

Pocketstop is the first mass notification company to provide an integrated experience from within both the desktop & web versions of Outlook. The add-in leverages a multi-channel approach to improve the effectiveness of your communication from a platform you’re already familiar with. Static email lists can be replaced with the power and flexibility of dynamic group selection to send messages to the exact people you wish to reach via any distribution method you choose.

  • Send messages via Text, Voice, Social, Email and other custom channels
  • Create a new message or select a pre-written template
  • Dynamic audience segmentation without leaving your inbox
  • Send messages immediately or schedule for future delivery

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RedFlag for Excel Add-in

The RedFlag Subscriber Import is a simple app that enables the user to upload subscribers to a group without leaving Excel.

It makes sense that RedFlag would provide a way to import subscribers directly from the world’s most used spreadsheet application. The RedFlag Subscriber Import add-in simplifies ongoing user management and is accessible from within both the desktop and web versions of Excel. You can easily import and map user information without the need for external file management and the built in validation processes and reporting ensures data accuracy.

  • Immediate data upload confirmation and reporting
  • Upload to an existing group or create a new group
  • Select the exact data you would like to upload from Excel
  • Map any header columns to the data fields in RedFlag

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RedFlag for Yammer Add-in

RedFlag integrates with Yammer to provide mass notification receipts. No installation or download required to receive notifications as a subscriber.

RedFlag for Yammer helps improve the effectiveness and reliability of your internal communication by combining the power of the RedFlag mass notification platform with the readership of your Yammer platform. Use RedFlag for Outlook to create and send the messages to one or multiple Yammer groups.

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Enhances Office Productivity tools with the mass notification capability.


Add-ins provide a workflow functionality without having to leave Outlook or Excel.


Support for both Web and Desktop Office 365 for consistent accessibility.

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