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Why You Should Include a Mass Alert App in Your Emergency Response Plan

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Why You Should Include a Mass Alert App in Your Emergency Response Plan

November 14, 2022 Posted by in Other

Learn why a mass alert app (also known as a mass notification system) is essential to your emergency response plan for your business. During a crisis, communication is essential to saving lives and property. While you have likely created an emergency response plan that covers evacuation, shelters, fire extinguishers, and team leads, have you carefully considered all your communication options? …

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All Hazards Emergency Response Plan

August 4, 2022 Posted by in Other

What is an all-hazards emergency response plan? As a business owner, it’s your chance to consider every type of emergency your business and staff could face, and plan for response and rescue efforts. Think of “all hazards” as literally that — it’s not the typical emergency that comes to mind first, such as a snow emergency or computer hack — …

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

January 17, 2022 Posted by in Business Continuity, Other

Business continuity and disaster recovery could be the two most vital operations to the future of your business. A natural disaster — or even a human-induced one — can bring down everything you worked for, and can also endanger lives and cause damage. Get in front of a crisis with a business continuity and disaster recovery plan and increase the …

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Fire Evacuation Procedures in the Workplace

November 9, 2021 Posted by in Crisis Communications, Mass Notification, Other

Fire evacuation procedures in the workplace should be a top priority for business owners, but it often falls to the middle or bottom of the priority list. Fire may be one of the most dangerous safety threats to your staff, and can happen at any time, even if you are prepared. However, preparedness could be the strategy that saves life …

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Emergency Action Plan Steps

November 8, 2021 Posted by in Crisis Communications, Other

Even with emergency action plan steps in place, things can still go wrong. However, it’s simple logic: creating action plan steps is better than not having them. Things can and do go wrong in the middle of an emergency — like panic and confusion, for instance — but having these steps in place can help reduce that drama and perhaps …

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Your Burning Questions about Shopping Mall Customer Engagement, Answered

September 17, 2020 Posted by in Other

There is a fundamental difference among customer service, customer engagement and customer experience. This blog will focus on how to use all three strategies to differentiate your shopping center as a place that turns customers into advocates.

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Top Ways to Make Sales Promotion Work For Your Shopping Mall

September 8, 2020 Posted by in Other

Sales promotions can garner customers’ attention and loyalty. Personalized promotions are a good way to boost short-term sales, attract new and existing mall shoppers and increase dwell time for your center.

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Make Your Shopping Mall Marketing Budget Seem 3x Bigger

August 31, 2020 Posted by in Other

Optimizing your shopping mall’s marketing budget to seem bigger is something every center wants to do to maximize revenue and profits. In an age of Amazon, marketing is an essential to drive customers to visit your shopping malls.

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How Your Tenants Can Help To Amazon-Proof Your Shopping Mall

August 24, 2020 Posted by in Other

In an age of Amazon, shopping center marketers need to think and market differently especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 32% of shoppers go to stores because they enjoy the experience; more than three-quarters try to avoid stores altogether, according to the Salesforce Connected Shopper Report. Shopping centers must drive shoppers in by creating a unique selling proposition especially as …

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What “Good” Customer Engagement Can Look Like For Your Shopping Mall

August 19, 2020 Posted by in Other

How important is customer engagement for your shopping mall? Take a look into the very near future:

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