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How To Utilize Your Emergency Mass Notification System When There Is No Emergency

Business Meeting In A Virtual Space Conceptual Business Illustration

August 6, 2019 Posted by in Other

Companies typically purchase products and services to solve a specific problem or achieve a certain goal. However, when evaluating software solutions, it is worthwhile to look for what secondary benefits that same software can provide your organization. While this outcome may not always be a possibility, it is worth considering in order to gain a greater Return on Investment (ROI).

Emergency mass notification systems are a solution that most definitely falls into that category. Clients that purchase this software are looking for a fully integrated system, where a myriad of communication systems are eliminated in favor of combining them all into one quick and easy solution in the event of a crisis. Meanwhile, they want to be able to segment their audience and clearly measure delivery and read rates to make sure that the right message, is delivered to the right people, at the right time.

But were you aware that the possible use-cases of an emergency mass notification system don’t stop there? By using the software for more general communication, both internally or externally, you are maximizing your ROI.

Communication for Operations and Logistics

Managing logistics and day-to-day operations requires plenty of time and effort, which ultimately has a significant impact on revenue. This is due to various dispatchers and schedulers having to cross-check documents and update employees via phone or radio. As a result, coordinating deliveries between drivers and their customers requires manual intervention, a cost which can be eradicated by using a mass notification system.

The operational process can be automated through the use of mass notification software, so companies can increase efficiency by decreasing response times. Instead of time-consuming human intervention being required, employees can respond to alerts with the tap of a finger. In essence, these workers can complete daily operations with shorter, less frequent interruptions.

General Internal Communications

Generally, companies use an internal emailing system to send and receive information, yet most of the emails sent are either skim-read, passed off as unimportant at that point in time or even fail to be read entirely., Companies should be looking for more effective ways to deliver the same messages and ensure that they’re read.

Regardless of the size of the company, in order to reach every employee in the organization, they must use multiple communication channels that are favored by each one of their employees. In most instances, that involves the use of email, text messaging, voice, intranet and social media. The idea of spending that much time contacting employees is not economically viable, hence why companies should leverage the benefits of a mass communication solution to enhance flexibility and cultivate engagement.

General internal communications such as policy changes, HR updates and modified operational hours can be delivered more efficiently using mass communication, reducing the need for manual intervention. For example, updating time sheets within a business is crucial to see the productivity of your employees. Short and precise SMS reminders can spur workers into action, guiding them to do what is expected.

External Communications

Despite people wanting businesses to respect their right to data privacy; customer, partners, suppliers and employees all provide you with personal information in various forms. Since all of these people have their preferred methods of communication, why not utilize a mass notification system to contact them with relevant messages on a frequent basis.

Mass notification software can be versatile, so use it to your advantage. From notifying shift workers of a plant closure due to severe weather to confirming if employees have read updated HR policies, a mass notification tool can help you to increase audience engagement and thus overall satisfaction rates for everyone connected with your company.

Coordinating and Mobilizing Resources

The stresses of ensuring your staffing levels meet fluctuating demand are vast and often need to be micro-managed. If management isn’t communicating effectively, people won’t be coordinated which can lead to wasted cost or lost revenue. From organizing last minute conference calls to redirecting personnel, business continuity communication can span any department.

A mass notification system makes it easy to send messages to specific groups via SMS channels, allowing you and your employees to engage in two-way communication when looking to call in additional staff or cancel shifts.

By getting everyone on the same page on a daily basis, the chances of efficient collaboration and execution during a crisis is ensured. This is due to the fact that the mass communication software allows you to put emergency plans into practice during everyday activities. Therefore, each and every member of an organization is prepared to act on any eventuality that occurs.

Gaining Audience Feedback

The first steps to pursuing a healthy and productive workplace is listening to your employees who are interacting with customers every day. The most valuable asset your business has are the people who work there and have a direct influence. Therefore, sourcing opinions through the use of a mass notification system with a polling feature can generate informed, valuable results as to how to improve.

Although, surveys through polling are not only a way of engaging audiences, they open up your organization to free advice that brings even bigger goals into fruition. Moreover, employees are more likely to get involved in SMS driven surveys as they are timely, get results and provide them with an altogether improved experience.

Concluding Remarks

If you’re solely using a mass notification system for crises and emergency situations, your organization is missing a trick. You should not be putting limits on a software that provides you such ease-of-use and allows you to communicate, collaborate and coordinate with people linked to your organization both internally and externally.

By opening up your company to a wider range of opportunities; it increases the ROI, adds a certain fluidity to your mass communication channels and most importantly gets your audience engaged with messages in a timely manner, when they need them the most.

What other ways can businesses utilize their Emergency Mass Notification Systems? Let us know in the comments section below.

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