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Emergency Notification System for Apartment Complexes

Emergency Notification System for Apartment Complexes

April 9, 2014 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

Emergencies and disasters are unpredictable events that can strike any place. Such situations call for advance preparedness so when (or if) a crisis actually occurs, you know what needs to happen and how it should be done. The emergency preparedness plan should take into consideration all the possible scenarios and appropriate personnel should know their roles. It is also important to have an emergency notification system in place for timely dissemination of key information to people involved.

For apartment complexes, an emergency notification system is not only beneficial in the event of a crisis but it also can be used to send regular notifications to residents about various activities, events, and notifications. Some of the scenarios where administration of apartment complex can use emergency notification system are:

  • Message to let residents know about maintenance work schedule.
  • Message about theft or other emergency within apartment complex.
  • Message to residents informing them about community events being organized in the complex.
  • Rent collection messages.
  •  Message to let residents know about utility outages.

RedFlag is specifically designed for apartment complexes and can be used in a number of ways. You can make different lists of recipients based on their role or the category they fit in. For example, a list named “Admin” can have all management personnel listed in it and a list called “Residents” can include residents of the complex. Depending on the notification type, appropriate messages can be sent to desired lists.

In an event of emergency, using a RedFlag Notification System for apartment complexes comes with its own set of advantages. These are:

  • The most critical factor in an emergency is response time. RedFlag has the minimum response time when it comes to sending out informational messages. Ultimately, this can prove to be the difference between damage control and destruction.
  • Rumors can be quite detrimental, more so during an emergency when people believe anything and everything they hear. So if your apartment complex experiences a crisis, RedFlag notification system can help you curtail the spread of rumors and ensure only the correct information is dispatched to the people concerned.
  • RedFlag systems also give you the option of multi-channel communication. Messages can be transmitted either through text, or voice, or emails. Users also can login for customization and set their own preferences.
  •  When an emergency strikes, it is not only important to know what has transpired but it is also important to know what instructions need to be followed to minimize the impact of the disaster. For this, RedFlag Notification System helps to broadcast instructions so people become aware of what needs to be done to save the apartment complex from any further damage.

If your apartment complex is not fully prepared to deal with a potential emergency, it is time to get RedFlag Notification System. It will facilitate reaching out to people effectively. Moreover, you will not be restricted to only one type of communication; digital, electronic mail, text, voice, and audio, any of these media can be used to send messages to desired recipients.

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