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Members Of A Medical Team Looking At The Camera While Working On A Laptop

Top 10 Hospital Blogs You Should Be Reading

Members Of A Medical Team Looking At The Camera While Working On A Laptop

January 31, 2019 Posted by in Other

In the healthcare industry, keeping up with trends and new developments is mandatory for all hospitals and medical professionals looking to provide their patients with high-quality care. Fortunately, modern times have brought a wide range of information at our fingertips. Thus, searching for resources online is a great way of staying up-to-date with medical innovation, sector developments, technological novelty, and any other subjects related to the healthcare industry.

Yet the internet comes with its own set of rules and guidelines so one needs to pay attention in order to avoid untrustworthy sources and information that is unrelated to the industry. Making sure that the resources you are using are dependable and come from authority figures, such as hospitals is the first essential step to take when constructing a list of industry blogs you should be reading. Having a list at hand will save you time with having to browse the internet for lists and directories related to the healthcare industry.

The Pending Need for Trustworthy Online Resources

According to recent data released by the American Hospital Association, there are currently 6,210 hospitals in the United States, all of which have to deal with a diverse set of aspects, from patient care to crisis communication. Therefore, having a methodical database of online resources at hand which to consult can be highly beneficial for all hospital personnel and medical professionals who don’t have the time to conduct their research from other resources. The simplest method to research online is to read hospital blogs. They can provide you with information about case studies, medical papers, technological innovations, new cures for chronic diseases, and everything else related to the healthcare industry.

Patients stories are one of the most covered topics on healthcare and hospital blogs, which can be of great use for any medical professional in search for something more than theoretical information or data you can find in medical journals. Also, since we are talking about a blog, the information will be provided in a less formal language, making it easier to browse when you don’t have much time at your disposal.

Top 10 Hospital Blogs You Should Be Reading

To that end, we have put together a list of hospital blogs you should be reading so these blogs will provide hospital personnel and medical professionals with trustworthy information related to the healthcare industry. Don’t forget to bookmark this list for your daily research and share it your hospital personnel and teams responsible for staying up-to-date with healthcare industry information.

  1. Altru Medical System – A methodically updated blog with posts in topics ranging from joint care, nutrition, patient stories to substance abuse prevention which you can consult when in need of tips from healthcare industry professionals.
  2. Emory Healthcare: Advancing Your Health Blog – Posting a wide array of information, from cardiovascular diseases, weight management, or life after a transplant, to cosmetic medicine, orthopedics, or sports medicine, the Emory blog offers insights into medical communities and the lives of patients.
  3. Texas Children’s Hospital Blog – Additional to the valuable information found on the website of the Texas Children’s Hospital, their blog deals with topics such as patient stories, the importance of vaccines, pediatric plastic surgery, eating disorders, and many others.
  4. Carthage Aria Hospital Blog – The blog adheres to the principles of the hospital when it comes to healthcare and offering quality information, and covers topics for all healthcare sectors, including patient stories and news related to new technology emerging in the healthcare industry.
  5. Rothmans Institute – If you are looking for information, news, and patient stories related to orthopedic medicine, this blog should be on your online researching list, as the topics they cover are diverse and of interest to not only medical professionals, but to everyone interested in orthopedics medicine.
  6. Craig Hospital – This U.S. hospital specializes in providing care for traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, and their blog discusses related subjects, but also patient stories and news related to this particular sector of the health care industry.
  7. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – On the CHLA blog you can find patient stories, special information about activities for children, parents stories, and news related to new developments and innovation related to children’s medicine.
  8. @Jeff – The blog for Jefferson University Hospitals this is a great resource for all topics healthcare-related, from interviews with medical professionals on procedures and their experience in the industry or patient stories, to homemade recipes, daily tips, and more.
  9. Brigham and Women’s Hospital – The Brigham Health Hub tackles a wide range of interesting topics, with guest post from medical professionals and updates that will make it easy for you to turn to them every time you are looking for information.
  10. The Mighty Blog – Belonging to the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, this blog aims to provide useful information related to children’s health, but also posts patient stories, health care policy updates, information on new technologies such as new diagnostic technologies, and also interviews with medical professionals.

Aside from hospital blogs, you can also check out resources such as:, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Medicare blog, or any other website or blog belonging to a healthcare-related government department. There you can find news and updates not only related to hospitals, patients, and technologies, but also to policies, legislation, and statistics.

Regardless of what your needs are in terms of online research for the healthcare industry, hospital blogs are a safe and effective source of information from all sectors of medicine, patient stories, interviews with medical professionals, and also updates about innovations. Our list of top 10 hospital blogs you should be reading is an excellent resource to have at hand and consult in times of need or when you are conducting your daily or weekly only research sessions.

Also don’t forget to always stay up-to-date with news related to hospital needs such as internal communication or crisis communication strategies that will help you improve the overall care you are providing your patients, and create a healthy and safe working environment for your employees.

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