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Old Couple And Their Daughter Smiling Outdoors

Top 10 Senior Living Blogs You Should Be Reading

Old Couple And Their Daughter Smiling Outdoors

February 4, 2019 Posted by in Other

In today’s fast-pacing environment, senior living facilities have to keep up not only with new developments in the healthcare industry and the assisted living sector, but also with new technologies and solutions that could help them provide better care for their residents. Enhancing the quality of life of seniors but also improving the relationship senior living facilities have with their employees are amongst the most important goals a facility should have. Therefore, in working towards those goals, finding modern solutions and resources to help is of utmost importance at all times.

If you are managing a senior living facility, you know that time is often an impediment for attending industry conferences or taking courses, or dedicating yourself to conducting research from sources that require traditional methods such as visiting libraries. However, online research can be a great tool for helping you stay up-to-date with industry news and developments.

A great researching strategy and communication solutions will serve you in working towards the goal of improving the activity of your senior living facility and avoid hazards. Thus, no matter what aspects you need to find more information on, it is always best to do it with the help of a methodically drafted database.

The Current and Future Role of Senior Living Facilities

Before presenting you with a list of 10 senior living blogs you should be reading, let’s discuss why senior living facilities matter, and how their activities influence not only the healthcare industry in the U.S., but also the life of residents and their families. Senior living facilities help the way we look at elderly people and provide us with a frame for better understanding their needs, which is why it is important that they function to the best of their abilities.

It is estimated that by 2050, over a fifth of the population of the United States will be 65 or older. Such studies draw attention to the ever-expanding need of having more senior living facilities, but also to the need that existing facilities be updated and improved in order to handle residents’ demands. As the industry develops and technological advances help the senior living sector provide better services, more and more people are putting their trust in assisted living. Therefore, facilities need to understand the role there are playing in their communities, and the role they will play in shaping the communities of the future by increasing the quality of life of elderly residents.

Top 10 Senior Living Blogs You Should Be Reading

We’ve put together a list of blogs you should be reading if you are looking for online information regarding senior living. These blogs discuss a wide array of topics, such as news from the industry, resident stories, caregiver stories, or updates about healthcare technologies you can use and strategies to implement for providing your residents with high-quality care.

  • The Sunrise Blog – Belonging to a company that manages more than 320 senior living communities throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the Sunrise blog is a great resource for senior living information. You can find articles on health, dietary recommendations, financial planning; stories from caregivers, the families of residents, and many others.
  • Assisted Living Directory Blog – Articles discuss topics related to senior living across the United States, advice, options for long-term care, in-home care, general news and information about assisted living and senior care. Also, it provides you with a directory for assisted living websites, blogs, and resources.
  • A Place for Mom – This senior living blog covers topics such as tax laws for seniors, advice in the case of different caring needs for each family member, health issues, memory care, long-term senior living information, and a lot of other news from the industry.
  • Senior Planet – The portal shares information and resources about senior living and aging with attitude, and also information on how people born before the digital revolution can keep up with modern times. Covering topics such as health, senior traveling, companionship, tech tips for seniors, and more, this is an excellent resource to have at hand for your online research on senior living.
  • The Caring Times Blog – A great resource for information related to senior living and care, home care, financial advice, health-related topics, aging issues, caring for elderly parents, and more. Although it focuses on home care for seniors and all of its implications, the blog is a great resource for senior living and everything related to it.
  • The Institute on Aging Blog – The news and articles found on the blog tackle topics such as health, senior wellbeing, assisted living, social service, creative art, senior education programs, independence, participation in the community, and other senior living related topics.
  • National Council on Aging – A blog for aging senior, caregivers, and advocates that posts information and news on healthy aging, senior benefits, financial management, policies on aging and senior living, and more.
  • Atria Wit and Wisdom Blog – Covering news and articles about memory care, senior health, assisted living, entertainment opportunities for seniors, senior education, resident stories, caregiver interviews, and a lot of other related information about retirement communities.
  • Senior Housing News – This blog discusses news and trends related to senior living and retirement, independent living, caregiving, health issues such as dementia and other memory-related conditions, financial advice, and many others.
  • Sagora Senior Living Blog – A community discussing topics such as personal freedom, long-term senior living, safety, the quality of life of senior living residents, stories, interviews with caregivers, financial advice, and more. Visit this blog when you want to keep up with both local and national news related to the senior living sector.

Having this list of top 10 senior living blogs you should be reading at hand will help you and your personnel to always be informed about the changes happening in the senior living industry. Also, it will provide you with a mean to research the issues you might be dealing with, whether we are talking about managing your employees, handling a crisis, providing your residents with improved care, or keeping your facility running with knowledgeable financial strategies.

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