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RedFlag Notification System is intuitive and easy to use

RedFlag Notification System is intuitive and easy to use

January 15, 2014 Posted by in Pockestop News

Emergencies can be confusing, but your Mass Notification System doesn’t have to be.

Recently, Pocketstop brought me on-board to help launch the RedFlag Mass Notification System. I then spent a fortnight, consuming data from competitors’ blogs, news releases from cities and technical information from our own IT professionals on Mass Notification Systems. After digesting the data, I came to understand the core of the industry. Mass Notification Systems are used to disseminate information to a large amount of people as fast as possible.

At a glance, the concept seems pretty simple. When a water main breaks at home, I call my wife and a plumber, situation handled. When a water main breaks at a business however, many people need to be informed in a short amount of time. That is when a Mass Notification System is essential to business. RedFlag gives you the ability to inform your co-workers and employees of a building closing in minutes instead of hours.

After watching what felt like hours of Mass Notification System tutorial videos, one question kept popping into my mind: Why should I need a tutorial video? Does a Mass Notification System interface need to be complicated to work  It is understandable that a Mass Notification System like RedFlag would have complex programming (being that it can contact hundreds if not thousands of subscribers in minutes). However, RedFlag’s intuitive design makes it easy to understand and use during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, there may not be time to watch a 10 minute tutorial on how to send a message.

Don’t get me wrong. RedFlag has full support including tutorial videos but they are for people who like the security of knowing there is a video to walk them through it. A vast majority of users have never watched a single YouTube minute. It’s just that easy to use.

While there are many considerations in choosing a Mass Notification System for a business, it is clear that every business needs to have one. RedFlag stands out as being a system that offers a large number of communication channels while remaining easy to use.

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