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The RedFlag Mass Notification System Is ______________.

The RedFlag Mass Notification System Is ______________.

November 4, 2015 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

What will the RedFlag Mass Notification System Mean to You?

What will the RedFlag Mass Notification System mean to you? Stop for a minute and think about what I am asking. What will the RedFlag Mass Notification System mean to you? I touched on it in a recent blog, but let me go a little deeper this time. RedFlag is a mass notification system, yes. We know what it is, we tell you all the time. You also know what it does—helps organizations communicate.

Now, stop right there and think about that word more—communicate. We communicate every day, many times a day. To our spouses, our children, our friends, our co-workers, our teammates, our tenants, our families, our pets. We can communicate in many ways talking, writing, texting, with body language or sign language, by praying, by smiling, by crying. There are an infinite number of ways to communicate.

Using RedFlag is another way you can communicate to your audience—whoever that may be. But what does RedFlag’s communication power mean to those who use it?

To an HR department, RedFlag is a way to reduce the time and effort it takes to distribute notices. RedFlag is efficiency.

To a property manager, RedFlag is a way to keep tenants informed and aware of what’s going on at their property. RedFlag is satisfaction.

To an event participant, RedFlag’s user subscriber function is quick and painless. RedFlag is simple.

To a mobile employee, RedFlag is a way to communicate via multiple-channels to ensure the message is delivered to a person, not just a device. RedFlag is peace of mind.

To a large organization, RedFlag’s simple and flexible list management database enables users to individually update records or upload and manage through a single online tool. RedFlag is convenience.

To a national retail chain, RedFlag’s cloud-based platform allows administrators the ability to access their user database and communicate no matter what location they are at. RedFlag is opportunity.

To someone in an emergency, RedFlag can deliver critical information in an instant. RedFlag is live-saving.

I could go on. RedFlag is a communication solution, yes, but what it delivers is so much more. Efficiency. Satisfaction. Simplicity. Peace of mind. Convenience. Opportunity. And provides the capability to provide life-saving information during an emergency situation.

What will RedFlag mean to you?

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