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Mass Notification System GROUPS

Mass Notification System GROUPS

January 13, 2016 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

Expand Your Reach with Mass Notification System GROUPS

Our clients love the RedFlag mass notification system for its simplicity, convenient access and reliability. One popular feature of our mass notification system is groups. Mass notification system groups make RedFlag, or whatever mass notification system you’re using, just that much more functional and effective.

Today, I am going to talk about some ways to use the groups feature within RedFlag. If you’re3-attributes-mass-notification-system-9651 3-attributes-mass-notification-system-9651 that doesn’t have a groups capability, you might want to think about switching providers—as groups expand your reach and takes your notification capability just that much farther.

Okay, let’s get started. We’ve got clients in a several different industries. I am going to talk about a few of our client’s industries and how groups can help streamline messaging in different ways depending on the industry.

Property Management

As a property manager, your messaging needs can be set up a few ways. You obviously want your mass notification system to send notifications to all relevant parties within each separate property you manage. Groups allows you to build a contact list, if you will, for each of the properties you manage. You may also want to set up groups that overlap properties. For example, one mass notification system group could be for all maintenance personnel at all your properties or all security personnel, all managers, and so forth. Once a group is set up, you can easily reach out to specific subsets of people instantaneously.


Mass notification systems used for healthcare providers such as hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living centers is a great way to streamline communications. Not only does the RedFlag mass notification system’s group feature allow you to reach subsets of people like nurses, doctors and administrators, but these very mobile groups of people will be able to be notified immediately no matter their location. Healthcare providers may also use groups to communicate with patients. Registration in the system can coincide with registration at the facility and removal from the system with the patient leaves.

Shopping Malls

Shopping mall tenants typically have their own communication systems, email servers and mobile phones/devices making communications incredibly stovepiped within their own companies. Mass notification systems give mall managers a simple, reliable and convenient way to notify tenants. Here again, the groups mass notification system feature allows communication to a subset of tenants. Groups of tenants can be created based on mall location or type of store. Groups can be created for lower level employees, store managers and even off-site or corporate management teams.

Network Marketing

Network marketing companies can have hundreds of thousands of independent distributors or consultants located world-wide. Mass notification system groups helps these companies breakdown their massive networks into smaller groups of people. Groups can be made for distributors based on their rank, location or sales level. Rolling out a new product in the north-east? A group including only these consultants makes communications easy.

Mass notification systems are typically associated with crisis communications. While these systems, including our very own RedFlag mass notification system, are excellent tools in the case of a disruptive event, an unforeseen circumstance or a full-blown emergency, mass notification systems don’t need to sit on the “shelf” and collect dust during the down-time. Leverage your mass notification system in a non-crisis setting by using the groups function to breakdown your audience into smaller subsets. Increased communication—even if it’s a simple weekly tip or word of encouragement to your teams—is never a bad thing. Use groups to streamline communications; use groups to build relationships.

For more information about the RedFlag mass notification system and to see a live demo using RedFlag’s group function, please give us a call at 877-840-2444. You can also visit us as to live chat with us today.

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