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Mass Notification System Components

Mass Notification System Components

September 3, 2014 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

Businesses, schools, shopping malls — any organization — that uses technology to provide safety and security, increases the peace of mind and comfort for those employees, students, patrons — whoever — that frequent these locations. As a part of an organization’s overall emergency action plan, it is important to utilize a mass notification system. A mass notification system instantly sends emergency notifications to desired recipients within a few seconds. Multi-channel mass notification systems can provide critical information such as instructions from an organization’s emergency action plan on what to do in an emergency and the status of crisis situations. Mass notification systems are effective tools not limited to only emergencies but for a variety of situations.

To successfully deliver notifications from a mass notification system, various components of mass notification systems have to work properly. It is vital for that the mass notification system administrators and users understand the functionality of a mass notification system’s various components. Below, we have explained some main components that every mass notification system should have.

Multi-Channel Message Delivery:

An effective mass notification system should be capable of delivering notifications via multiple channels — sending notifications to multiple channels increases the readership of important information. Message channels should include voice, text and email messages and social media posts. Mass notification system users should understand that messages can be sent to all channels simultaneously or to individual channels as well depending on the users need.

Simple, Flexible List Management:

Contact list management is made easy when using a mass notification system, particularly the RedFlag mass notification system. The admin dashboard allows administrators to individually update contact records but user can also keep their own information up-to-date by using the subscriber’s online interface. Being able to easily import existing lists (.CSV files) directly into the system saves time.

Cloud-Based Platform:

A mass notification system must be cloud-based so access is unlimited even if power is interrupted. Cloud based systems allows notifications to be sent from anywhere, anytime. No hardware or software is needed to be installed or maintained. As long as an internet connection is available, a mass notification system will be accessible.

Data Security:

As with any digital system, data security is important. Authentication helps to prevent unauthorized access to the system and independent login credentials allow for multiple concurrent administrators. Message upload and distribution is tracked to the individual administrator so you always have a record of who sent what.

Easy Access to Reporting:

Reporting is a key component to your mass notification system effectiveness. You’ll be able to check the size of your database and groups as well as detailed message delivery information. If your messages are getting bounced back, it may be time to update your contact list. The RedFlag mass notification system provides detailed broadcast message history as well.

Group Creation:

A mass notification system’s ability to create groups makes it an even more effective communication tool especially if your organization is large. Being able to categorize different sets of people allows you to distribute more targeted messages. The maximum number of groups allowed in the RedFlag mass notification system is unlimited with the number of contacts assigned to each unlimited as well. The group creation component of a mass notification system should also allow administrators to make groups public or private depending on the need.

Control the Caller ID:

The RedFlag mass notification system has a unique caller ID component. This feature allows your organization to choose to display your own phone number or a local, toll-free number when sending a notification via voice message. Many organizations choose to display their own number to increase the chances the recipient will answer the call.

Select Unique Keywords for Opt-In:

If you’re a large organization and you require your mass notification system users to self-subscribe, you can select your own keywords in order to provide access to the subscriber interface via a text call-to-action.

RedFlag is a Mass Notification System that employs various components to provide effective communication no matter what the situation. For more information about the RedFlag mass notification system and Pockestop’s other digital communication solutions, give us a call at 877-840-2444.

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