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A Mass Notification System Can Simplify Property Management

A Mass Notification System Can Simplify Property Management

July 16, 2014 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

Whether you manage or own a retail property complex or a residential one, as a manager or owner, it is always a challenge to ensure and maintain the safety of the people who work or live at your property. Safety and security, of course, come first. But as a property manager or owner, it is also important to communicate general information to your tenants in a timely manner. Various property management tasks like maintenance, scheduled outages, repair work and even special events needs to be communicated to tenants on time. How does your property communicate safety and security information as well as everyday news? If you haven’t discovered how a mass notification system can be effective in sending instantaneous messages to multiple recipients, continue reading below!

A mass notification system can help simplify property management communications in several ways.

  • With a mass notification system, you can easily send out voice, text, email, and social networking messages to all the stakeholders on any internet connected device. This means that important information in the times of emergency concerning safety and security reaches tenants in a timely fashion. Not only emergency communication, but a mass notification system can also help you to distribute routine information easily to all your employees and tenants.
  • Information from endless notification categories relevant to a retail property can be easily shared with employees by using a mass notification system. Some notification categories include extreme weather conditions, criminal activities, bomb threats or suspected fire breakouts, potential acts of violence, policy changes and tenant meetings.
  • Likewise, for a residential property, a mass notification system like RedFlag enables you as the property owner or manager to share information about maintenance schedules, social events, pest control activities, in-house activities, power or water outages, and so on.
  • The major benefit of using a mass notification system for property management is that it ensures timely delivery of the message. Because RedFlag uses multiple delivery channels, the readership of messages increases significantly. Even if the recipient is not available on his or her cell phone, the message can be sent simultaneously to other channel like e-mail and voice mail. Multiple channels ensure prompt and easy delivery of important information.
  • A mass notification system also helps in creating target audience groups. For example, for a residential property, tenants can be grouped according to their location. For example, those living on the west side of the property or those in two-story units. Similarly, for a retail outlet, tenants can be grouped by their location as well other attributes.

Pocketstop’s mass notification system, RedFlag operates on a cloud-based platform and also helps you create or select a unique ID for all the outbound communication. Secure your property today with an effective communication system like RedFlag. Call or email us today to learn more.


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