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Pocketstop Goes to Church: Mega Church uses SMS Messaging

Pocketstop Goes to Church: Mega Church uses SMS Messaging

February 10, 2016 Posted by in Text Message Marketing - M360, Pockestop News

Blast From The Past: This blog, first published in 2014, still rings true and illustrates how SMS Messaging can be utilized by other organizations apart from those in the retail and restaurant industry—where SMS use is heavy. 

“Shhhh!” a mother tells her teenage son when his Smartphone makes a loud “ding, ding” during his sister’s end-of-year school play. He just received a SMS Message. The mother rolls her eyes. Kids are so addicted to their Smartphones these days, she thinks, as she contemplates limiting her son’s phone more than she already does. As she’s thinking, her son leans over and whispers that the message was from church, “registration for the summer retreat is next week!” he exclaims with a smile on his face. Her son’s smile brings a smile to her face as well. Maybe Smartphones aren’t so bad after all…

It’s a fact. We all—adults and kids alike—live in a digital and mobile world. More and more businesses and organizations are embracing digital and mobile technology and are using it to communicate more effectively to their employees, staff, customers and others. And in this case—a large Texas based church is using SMS Messaging technology to communicate to their growing congregation.

The SMS Messaging platform appealed to Pocketstop’s church client because it is easy to implement, easy to use and provides an extremely effective way for the church’s leadership to reach out to their congregation. The church found the SMS Messaging platform especially effective for communicating with their new members. A simple SMS Message reminds new folks about small group sign-ups, service projects, ministries and other church related activities. SMS Messaging also allows the church to promote its onsite coffee shops and book stores—keeping the congregation informed about hours of operations, the arrival of new materials or resources for their religious studies and special offers. Most importantly, the SMS Messaging platform gives the church a way to simply and effectively send inspirational reminders and devotionals to their members.

Pocketstop’s SMS Messaging platform is not limited to just one-way communication by the church’s leadership. The SMS Messaging platform can allow members to send in a keyword to receive specific information. The platform can be programmed to send scheduled reminders on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the church could use the SMS Messaging platform to run sweepstakes and contests, as well as voting and polling to find out what topics members would like to hear about in future sermons. The “text to screen” functionality of the SMS Messaging platform gives the church’s leadership the ability to display comments or votes during service if so desired.

If you think your organization wouldn’t benefit from digital and mobile communications technology—you might be wrong. Today, we discussed how a mega church is using SMS Messaging to reach out to its congregation. This is just one example. Pocketstop’s SMS Messaging platform is becoming a consistent choice by businesses everywhere from large corporations and non-profits to mom-and-pop shops.

“Ding, ding!” It’s now a month later and the mother hears her own Smartphone alert her of an incoming message. It’s from her son’s youth minister. The bus has arrived safe and sound at the retreat—she smiles.

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