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Top 10 Reasons Why Shopping Malls Should Use SMS

Top 10 Reasons Why Shopping Malls Should Use SMS

February 18, 2016 Posted by in Pockestop News

There’s really no need to explain this list! Let’s get to it. Here is our Top 10 List why shopping malls and retailers should be using SMS as of yesterday! Not using SMS? Get on it, would you? And give us a call.

  1. Customers Love It.
    It’s no secret that customers, and potential customers, love using their Smartphones. Give ‘em what they want—a way to communicate with you digitally with SMS messaging.
  2. Effective.
    If you didn’t know, SMS text messages have a 98% read rate providing that SMS is an incredibly useful tool used to reach consumers. Ding! Oh, excuse me I have a text…
  3. Short and Sweet.
    One reason why SMS messages have such a high read rate is because texts are (usually) succinct. Short and sweet and to the point.
  4. Data. Data. Data.
    SMS messaging can provide what other means of marketing communications can’t: data and lots of it. SMS messages are trackable and can capture data used to help a mall evaluate a SMS promotion or tailor a future contest (just to give two examples).
  5. Database Growth.
    Setting up and advertising a keyword for a SMS promotion can help a shopping mall grow its SMS database as well as test the effectiveness of its advertising channels. Database growth can be critical in helping to increase online or in-store traffic for retailers.
  6. Personal.
    SMS is personal. A consumer must opt-in to receive a SMS message so as a shopping mall or retailer, you know your message is being sent to the right person. SMS is how many of us communicate with our family and friends and now with our favorite shopping centers. Using SMS can help a mall create an identity, strengthen its branding and stay “on trend” with technology.
  7. Fast.
    1…. 2…. 3…. 4…. 5…. By time you count to five, you’ll probably be able to read any one of your SMS messages. SMS is fast. It’s fast to send, it’s fast to receive and it’s fast to read. This appeals to both consumers and malls/retailer.
  8. High ROI
    The sky is the limit when it comes to the return on investment of a SMS campaign. SMS is a very affordable and easily accessed marketing channel where you really can get a lot of bang for your buck.
  9. Direct.
    Because most SMS messages have some constraints when it comes to number of characters, SMS delivers a very direct and to the point message to consumers. There literally is no room to go on and on and on and on and on….
  10. Endless Possibilities.
    Generate a keyword, heck, generate ten! Run a contest to reward your existing customers. Promote a giveaway to help grow your database. Generate in-store or online traffic. Send out a mobile coupon. Create a “VIP” SMS club for your best customers… with a keyword. The possibilities that SMS marketing brings to the table truly is limitless.

That’s right: endless possibilities. Get started with SMS today with our shopping mall marketing software, M360. This solution allows you to streamlines multi-channel marketing execution, delivers personalized messages to shoppers at the most influential moments, and provides user-friendly reporting on KPIs that matter.

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