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How to Multiply Your SMS Marketing Contact Database

How to Multiply Your SMS Marketing Contact Database

January 27, 2016 Posted by in Pockestop News

SMS Marketing is dominating the market. Every day, more and more businesses embrace SMS as they recognize it can add real value to a marketing strategy.  SMS Marketing is here to stay. Why? In addition to answering why, today, I’m also going to suggest some tips on how to multiple your SMS Marketing contact database. SMS Marketing is a great tool, but it is only as good as your database.

Let’s get back to that first question… why? Why is SMS Marketing so hot? A few reasons. First, mobile is everywhere. Mobile has become ubiquitous and has become the preferred type of device when accessing the internet. In 2015, more people accessed the internet from a mobile device than from a desktop computer. Consumers also open more of their email on mobile devices, and, here’s the biggie, 90% of all SMS messages, including SMS Marketing messages, are read within 3 minutes. SMS messages have a 98% open rate compared to just 22% for email. SMS Marketing really is a no brainer for businesses since 77% of the world’s population own a mobile phone capable of receiving an SMS Marketing message. SMS Marketing is fast, flexible, effective, personal and an economical option for businesses looking to add value without a lot of extra costs.

Have I convinced you? Great! So you’re signed up, ready to rock your first SMS Marketing campaign. Before you do, make sure you have a plan in place to grow your database. You’ll want to focus on adding your current customers as well as potential customers. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Advertising your SMS Marketing campaign is critical to it success. For existing customers, signage is a great way to introduce them to your new, SMS communication channel. Create attractive creative pieces to display in your retail stores, out front and in your windows. You can add a note on your receipts or hand out a flyer to customers at checkout. If you have customer email addresses, advertising your SMS Marketing campaign via email is another great way to grow your database. If you are an online retailer, you should advertise your SMS Marketing campaign on the front page of your website—both desktop and mobile versions.

To gain potential customers to your SMS Marketing database you’ll need to go further with your advertising efforts. You can get creative, and ask existing customers to “add a friend” for a discount or coupon as well as utilize traditional channels such as television and radio. Depending on your business and who your target audience is, will help your select appropriate advertising for your SMS Marketing campaign.

In parallel with determining what type of advertising you’re doing to do, you must also decide what you’re going to say. Creating a highly effective promotion that will grab your customer’s attention will increase the odds that customers will sign into your SMS Marketing campaign. A good example of an effective promotion is to ask people to text into your short code to be entered to win a prize. Some of our clients have given away a popular electronic item a day for a specific time period, other have offered hundreds of dollars in gift cards. It’s incredibly easy for people to send in a text whether they hear your ad on the radio while they are waiting to pick their kids up from school or on television during their favorite morning news show.

By creating an attractive promotion and properly advertising it, you’ll be able to multiply your contact database in no time. The value and sales potential behind a customer’s mobile number is immeasurable—but once you’ve grown your database, it’s up to you to keep the people those mobile numbers represent engaged, excited and interested in you SMS messages.

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