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Taco Bell “Thinks Outside The Bun” With SMS Text Marketing

Taco Bell “Thinks Outside The Bun” With SMS Text Marketing

March 24, 2015 Posted by in Text Message Marketing - M360

SMS Text Marketing Campaign Gains 13,000 Subscribers In 5 Weeks

SMS text marketing campaigns are on the rise — and for good reason. They work! And major brands are starting to take note. Take for example, Taco Bell’s use of an SMS text marketing with a two part goal. First, Taco Bell wanted a way to keep in touch with their customers by communicating with them directly. Additionally, the tech savvy taco shop also wanted a campaign that encouraged immediate action from their customers.

Taco Bell’s SMS text marketing campaign was promoted in traditional media channels such as radio, television and in print ads in order to drive customer awareness. Customers were encouraged to text in “TBICE” to a short code. After doing so, they received a promotion offering them a free Frutista Freeze with the purchase of another food item.

First Goal: Complete! The SMS text marketing campaign became the perfect channel for Taco Bell to keep in touch with their customers — after the 5 week SMS text marketing campaign ended, 93% of those who had subscribed remained in the database.

Taco Bell customized the SMS text campaign to drive immediate action from their customers. They implemented rolling expiration dates in the promotional offer, giving customers anywhere from 3-5 days to use the coupon.

Second Goal: Complete! The rolling expiration dates gave Taco Bell the ability to really drive consumer behavior by encouraging customers to act on the promotion as soon as possible.

Next time you are at a drive through, take an extra glance at the menu or when you are waiting for your order, take a peek at the stickers on the window. Often times quick service restaurants will advertise a SMS text marketing campaign in these locations that are highly visible to customers.

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