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How To Choose An Emergency Notification App

Businesswoman Showing A Blank Smartphone Screen Focus On Smartphone

June 21, 2021 Posted by in Mass Notification

In a nutshell: at first glance, all emergency notification app systems seem to be exactly alike. How do you comparison shop and choose the best system for your business?

Read on!

What would your modern life be like without the use of apps? Yep, it’s practically unthinkable (although some of us still remember life before apps). Keep that modern mindset when you are looking to protect your business, especially in the event of an emergency — make sure you include an easy-to-use and reliable emergency notification app.

First, know that all emergency notification systems (ENS) apps are not created equal. In fact, just because you see a system does not mean that it automatically comes with an emergency notification app.

Ask yourself a few questions when embarking on your search:

Question #1: Does the system offer a mobile app?

Why? The keyword here is mobile. An ENS mobile app allows you to work, operate and communicate from anywhere, especially in the event of an emergency. An app allows management to send messages and stay in the loop and review reports on the fly. In a word, a mobile app is empowering.

Question #2: Does the emergency notification app work for Android and Apple, and is it do-able within my budget?

A vendor who offers an ENS app may still not be enough for you to make a deal. You have to make sure that the app serves smartphone systems such as Apple and Android and is affordable.

Especially post-pandemic, your ENS app admins and users may not be working exclusively from a desktop or laptop, or even be in the office most of the time. This is where a mobile app will bring the most benefit. The bulk of communication now comes through apps — not loudspeakers, paper memos or even emails.

An ENS mobile app gives a desktop computer or laptop one better:

  • Send emergency notifications quickly
  • Send them to the right management staff who will more than likely see them (and not miss them)
  • Create notifications in advance so that they can be sent in a moment’s notice without having to suddenly create them from scratch. The notifications can be quickly and easily altered, customized, and edited if necessary.

Question #3: Can the app use geotargeting to send and receive targeted notifications?

This benefit is everything. In the event of an emergency, you may need to communicate with management who may be in an affected area. This could be in a weather-hazard event, a power outage, or — heaven forbid — a shooter situation.

An app which can use geotargeting to message recipients based on their location (so the user doesn’t have to do so manually) is another vital feature. The app can “know” where your recipients are, so that the notifications can go to them without you having to pick and choose who gets the notification. That’s effective targeting.

Question #4: Does the app offer easy to read reporting capabilities?

If for any reason the recipients are not able to read your messages, you should easily know this with an ENS app that has recipient acknowledgment capabilities. In addition, an ENS app should present data in a way that makes it easy to read and is actionable allowing you to make smart business decisions.

An affordable, flexible ENS app can solve problems:

  • Reduces the manual intervention time to ensure everyone is accounted for.
  • Profile and contact data are stored in multiple places so that you can continue to connect with staff and management when certain networks are down or compromised.

Read more about how you can protect your staff and business with an emergency notification system app that can be a vital part of your emergency plan. Find out more about RedFlag here.

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