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5 Ways To Recover From An IT Outage

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5 Ways To Recover From An IT Outage

November 20, 2019 Posted by in Business Continuity, Mass Notification

Whether you’ve got your services hosted on a local or cloud server, IT outages can occur at anytime. While cloud servers are safer bets as they usually encounter little downtime incidents, they may falter still go down when you least expect it. For all you know, a massive DDoS attack can cripple multiple cloud servers at a time and lead …

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5 Types of Hospital Cyberattacks

October 25, 2019 Posted by in Business Continuity, Mass Notification

Nearly 55% of healthcare companies in the U.S. claimed that they faced cyberattacks. According to the 2018 Horizon Report, almost 100% of all web applications that are connected to critical health systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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Qualities of a Great Business Continuity Professional

October 15, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity

Having a business continuity plan alongside plans for emergency response, crisis management, crisis communications, and disaster recovery is mandatory for all organizations, regardless of their profile, industry, structure, or size. Accounting for the day-to-day priorities of a business means having a plan in place in case of a downtime or disruption of activity. Therefore, all risk managements strategies should come …

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How to Maintain Business Continuity After A Disaster Strikes

June 12, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity

Disaster Concept

The secret to maintaining business continuity after a disaster strikes is in being fully prepared with a robust business continuity plan long before disruption occurs.

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How RedFlag Helps Businesses Enhance Their Business Continuity Plans

May 17, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity, Mass Notification

When creating a business continuity plan, you are creating a robust outline of procedures and measures to support your business in times of crisis. Therefore, any software that can enhance the performance of your business continuity plan must be considered and utilized. Redflag has a selection of features that streamline emergency notifications across all platforms, making communication easy and professional …

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Questions To Ask When Selecting An Emergency Notification System For Your Business Continuity Plan

May 15, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity, Internal Communications

There are many emergency notification systems available for businesses to use in the event of a natural or manmade threat to their infrastructure and daily business processes.

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Business Continuity Best Practices For Hurricane Season

May 14, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity

Hurricane season puts your business at risk of data loss, facility damages, downtime, and many other inconveniences associated with natural disaster.

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When IT Hits the Fan: What IT Should Do When Infrastructure Goes Down

May 10, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity

Your IT infrastructure is a delicate part of your overall business. It is the glue that holds together all of the hardware, software, data, and information that keeps your staff, customers, managers, and stakeholders up to date whilst your business runs smoothly. However, as with any technology reliant parts of your organization, there will be occasions when your IT infrastructure …

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How to Address Workplace Violence

April 21, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity

Workplace violence is an ongoing global problem, particularly prevalent here in the United States. Unfortunately, although 2 million American workers will experience workplace violence in the next 60 days, non-fatal injuries and illnesses are grossly underreported.

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How SMS can Enhance your Notifications in an Emergency

April 20, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity

In the case of a workplace emergency situation, SMS technology can be seriously beneficial for emergency communications. Whereas many other communications methods may be available, other technologies can prove unreliable in times of true crisis.

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