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How RedFlag Helps Businesses Enhance Their Business Continuity Plans

How RedFlag Helps Businesses Enhance Their Business Continuity Plans

May 17, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity, Mass Notification

When creating a business continuity plan, you are creating a robust outline of procedures and measures to support your business in times of crisis. Therefore, any software that can enhance the performance of your business continuity plan must be considered and utilized. Redflag has a selection of features that streamline emergency notifications across all platforms, making communication easy and professional in the face of a disaster.

Pocketstop’s Redflag has been designed and programmed with business continuity planning in mind giving our loyal customers streamlined communication options that allow seamless communication to pre-defined audiences across a range of options. Redflag is packed full of features that make communication easy and efficient for our clients. Some of the fantastic features that sets us apart from our competitors are the simplicity of our software and its seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365.

But why do our customers choose Redflag as opposed to our competitors when choosing a partner for their business continuity plans?

Responsive User Management

Redflag has been designed with ease of use and navigation in mind for all users. When developing a business continuity plan, it’s important to test all procedures and software with staff to ensure that implementation of the plan is professionally executed.

That’s one of the reasons that we made Redflag simple to navigate for all potential users. We understand the need for fast and effective communication during times of crisis. The last thing we want is to develop a piece of software that is hard to navigate and use for staff that may not be 100% computer savvy or nervous around the use of new technologies.

We also wanted to make sure that Redflag is responsive and accessible from a range of different devices including iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, laptops and desktops. We implemented responsive technology as we are aware that many people use different devices to communicate and access information in today’s world. We also took into the account that during an emergency, businesses will need to communicate with a wide range of staff, customers, and stakeholders both onsite and offsite. By implementing responsive technology, businesses can communicate their emergency messages outlined in their business continuity plan across any device and platform that their message recipient chooses to use.

Our technology makes the distribution of multiple messages relatively easy to manage for all people responsible for emergency notifications, as outlined in your business continuity plan.

Flexible Audience Management

Audience management is important for businesses that have many different messages for their different types of customer. Choose who your message is delivered to, how it gets delivered, and at what time using our amazing platform.

Enable your current subscribers to register with Redflag and decide how they want to be contacted, when, and where. The beauty of Redflag is that it gives all businesses, stakeholders, and employees control over how they communicate with one another.

Decide whether or not to manually enter email addresses and contact details or import them from existing databases. The choice is yours!

This process simplifies the rollout of your business continuity plan as your messages will be delivered to their intended recipients using a platform of communication that suits all parties.

Giving your staff and customers this flexibility in communication builds trusts and enhances your professionalism when communicating as a business.

Microsoft Office Integration

We understand that millions of businesses use Microsoft Outlook as standard in their day-to-day business communications. Therefore, it was important for us to consider that this software may already be an integral part of your business continuity plan. Rather than disrupt your existing plan, we built Redflag so that it seamlessly integrates with Outlook.

With Redflag you can use Outlook to send text, voice, social, email and other custom channels. You can create a brand-new message or choose from our professional templates that are pre-programmed into the Redflag system.

Create dynamic audience segmentation without leaving the comfort of your inbox. Send messages instantly or schedule them for future delivery using our simple system.

So here at Pocketstop, we have utilized the features that Outlook already offers your business and built RedFlag as an added enhancement for all your communication needs.

Bespoke Reporting System

Redflag incorporates a reporting system into our software so that business continuity plans can evaluate their success after a crisis has been dealt with and normality has been restored.

As you and your team gain insights into who is receiving your messages, when, and how, you will be able to evaluate the success or failure of a message delivery. As you read into our reporting and refine your messaging strategy, you will improve your business communication strategy and be able to reach more people, more appropriately and conveniently.

After a crisis has disrupted the balance of your business, you can use out reporting software to see which areas of your business continuity plan have operated successfully and which areas have failed. You can use this information to edit and improve your emergency messaging by way of it’s content, which channels it is distributed across, and who receives and disseminates the information. We all learn from our mistakes, this is why we offer reporting services in order to give our customers the opportunity to revise and improve their communications during and after a crisis has occurred.

With Redflag’s emergency mass notification system, you can keep people informed when:

  • There are natural disasters or severe weather that may impact any of your current services
  • An infrastructure outage occurs and some of your assets are without power, both online and offline
  • Criminal activity has been identified and the business is under threat of a virus, fraud, or identity threat
  • Maintenance issues mean that your website or email system may be offline for a period of time, causing disruption to the natural flow of your business

These are all areas that should be considered as you continue to update your business continuity plan.

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