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Why Redflag Needs to be a Part of Your Business Continuity Plan

Why Redflag Needs to be a Part of Your Business Continuity Plan

April 13, 2018 Posted by in Business Continuity

Any business continuity plan will be massively enhanced by incorporating mass communication software to engage with, and update key audiences.

Pocketstop’s Redflag has been designed and programmed with business continuity planning in mind giving our loyal customers streamlined communication options that allow seamless communication to pre-defined audiences across a range of options. Redflag is packed full of features that make communication easy and efficient for our clients. Some of the fantastic features that sets us apart from our competitors are the simplicity of our software and its seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365.

Business continuity plans are an integral part of any businesses support strategy. In the event of a crisis or disaster, be this natural or deliberate; it’s important to keep all parties informed as you try your best to regain business composure and functionality.

Here at Pocketstop, we appreciate the needs of our clients and we took time to consider business continuity planning when developing the Redflag software for commercial usage.

Here are some features that make Redflag the number one choice for business continuity planning support.

1. Platform User Management

Our Redflag interface is incredibly easy to navigate and will respond to any device be it smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet. We understand that people often access the internet through smaller screens these days and therefore all of our software and displays adapt for ease of use across all devices.

Responsive technology is innovative in the way that as time goes by, and more devices of different sizes appear on the market, our software will automatically resize to fit any computer that is used to access Redflag. Out platform simplifies big data collection whilst making ongoing message distribution incredibly easy for users.

2. Microsoft Office Integration

We are the first mass notification provider that fully integrates with Microsoft Office, Excel and Yammer. This takes the pressure off businesses who are already set in their ways with using Microsoft Office as standard practice. It also allows existing Excel databases to be uploaded and imported with ease. This means that with Redflag, you can import all of your existing contacts and then split them into categories for the purpose of messaging, marketing, and communication.

Again, we stress that our functionality is simple, making our software easy to use for staff that are less experienced or comfortable around IT communications.

With Redflag you can use Outlook to send text, voice, social, email and other custom channels. You can create a brand-new message or choose from our professional templates that are pre-programmed into the Redflag system.

Create dynamic audience segmentation without leaving the comfort of your inbox. Send messages instantly or schedule them for future delivery using our simple system.

3. Flexible Audience Management

Audience management is important for businesses that have many different messages for their different types of customer. Choose who your message is delivered to, how it gets delivered, and at what time using our amazing platform.

Enable your current subscribers to register with Redflag and decide how they want to be contacted, when, and where! The beauty of Redflag is that it gives all businesses, stakeholders, and employees control over how they communicate with one another.

Decide whether or not to manually enter email addresses and contact details or import them from existing databases. The choice is yours!

4. Reporting

As businesses grow and progress over time, they learn about themselves and streamline both their staff and support network accordingly. That’s one of the reasons that we incorporated reporting software into our Redflag program.

As you and your team gain insights into who is receiving your messages, when, and how, you will be able to evaluate the success or failure of a message delivery. As you read into our reporting and refine your messaging strategy, you will improve your business communication strategy and be able to reach more people, more appropriately and conveniently.

You can also learn from the tracking that we provide for your broadcast history. Seeing who authored and disseminated successful campaigns, what times worked best for open rates, and what methods of delivery are preferred by your segmented audiences.

With Redflag’s emergency notification system, you can keep people informed when:

  • There are natural disasters or severe weather that may impact any of your current services
  • An infrastructure outage occurs and some of your assets are without power, both online and offline
  • Criminal activity has been identified and the business is under threat of a virus, fraud, or identity threat
  • Maintenance issues mean that your website or email system may be offline for a period of time, causing disruption to the natural flow of your business

These are all areas that should be considered as you continue to update your business continuity plan.

Luckily, with Redflag available, you can have go to solutions outlined in your business continuity plan, solutions that Redflag will simplify and automate if needs be.

Aside from business continuity planning support, Redflag is also great for communicating:

  • Company status updates and real time news across a variety of social networks and email solutions
  • Closing and modified opening hours for your business
  • Departmental alerts and information that is important for key staff and stakeholders
  • Reminders and announcements can be pre-programmed weeks and months in advance
  • Ongoing notifications and reminders about any aspect of your business or services

When assessing risks and starting to build your business continuity plan, take a look at Redflag and see how our software can help you to save time and money by streamlining all your emergency communications from one simple dashboard.

Feel free to request a demo and let us show you just how valuable Redflag can be in aiding and disseminating your business continuity plan.

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