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Why Marketers Are Turning to Text Message Marketing

SMS text message marketing, as part of a modern, multi-channel marketing program, presents a solution to the growing problem of unopened, unread emails and poorly performing advertising. With a 98% read rate of automated messages, and the power of two-way texting notification systems, marketers are experiencing a renaissance of direct-to-customer communications.

Boost Revenue

Send your customers announcements & offers with the knowledge that your offer will be seen 98% of the time.

Instant Results

29% of recipients click on links. 47% of those go on to make a purchase. SMS also increases email open rates by 20-30%.

More Effective

70% of consumers want offers via text. And if they view it at the point of purchase, they’ll engage 19x more than average!

Quick &

Lightning fast setup. Create and launch campaigns in just minutes. So easy to use, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Automation = Higher ROI

Set up customer lists to receive scheduled and event-triggered announcements that go out automatically.

Collect Customer Data Effortlessly

With such high open rates (10x better than email), just launch a campaign and watch customer data start to pour in.

Text Message Marketing

Get access to the most flexible and easy-to-use digital communication channel that always gets attention. Deliver personalized messages to customers triggered by their behavior and preferences. Create and execute campaigns within minutes.

  • Build interactive campaigns
  • Generate customer alerts
  • Integrate with your existing marketing

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Proximity Marketing

Connect with customers on your property in real-time and be sure they pay attention. Send a personalized, relevant text message triggered by your customers’ proximity or actions at your physical location. And best of all, setup takes only a matter of days, not weeks.

  • Drive new sales by promoting new products & special offers
  • Automate cross-selling & upselling activities
  • Collect customer profile information
  • Encourage return visits

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Access from Anywhere

Send messages, communicate and gather insights from anywhere using any device.

Real Time Analytics

Intuitive dashboard to monitor overall program performance.

Custom User Levels

Assign different permission levels to balance the need for convenient access while maintaining data security and consistency of messaging.

World Class Support

365-day support with onboarding, training and ongoing consulting.

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- Manager, Great American Cookies

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