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Create Engaging Rich Multimedia Messages With MMS

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Tell A Richer Story With MMS

With smartphone usage now nearly universal, you can leverage MMS to create rich multimedia messages to drive engagement. By sending MMS messages through M360, you can send video, sound files, images, longer messages, URLs with preview ability, or even GIFs. By being able to send multimedia messages, you can maximize engagement with your audience and demonstrably show a measurable impact on shopper behavior and enhanced ROI.

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Richer Customer Experience

A picture is worth 1,000 words and MMS empowers you to be an artist for your business. With MMS, you will be able to tell a more impactful story which is more eye catching when a plain text message just isn’t enough. By providing eye catching message through MMS, you will be able to more effectively showcase specific products or services, drive your target audience to you and shape their behavior.

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