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Power Your Database With Forms

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Gather Important Data To Make Smart Marketing Decisions

Using our simple to use, drag and drop form builder, you can use your own website to gather shopper data to directly feed into M360 to analyze and create targeted messages based on consumer behavior, preferences, demographics, and more. With forms, you can decide what data to gather from website visitors important to you for making smart business decisions. Once embedded, you can collect shopper data that allows you to create and build profiles you can analyze to create messages that drive shopper behavior.

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Customize Forms Your Way

Create highly engaging forms your shoppers will love to answer. With our easy-to-use features, you can quickly and easily create forms to gather the data you need to analyze and efficiently engage with your shopper database. Our intuitive drag and drop editor will help you create visually appealing forms without any coding experience. Due to their high level of customization, you can create forms for whatever objective you are looking to achieve. In addition, you can ensure the forms maintain brand consistency before embedding them on your website.

  • Fully Responsive – Format to any device used by your shoppers
  • Full Design Customization – Maintain brand integrity by adding a banner image, customizing the hex color code, fonts, and field shape to match your own digital design.
  • Maintain Legal Compliance – Include compliance language for email and mobile marketing.
  • Save Custom Fields – Increase productivity by saving dynamic fields and values for future forms.
  • HTML Embed Code – Easily copy and paste HTML code for your forms into any web CMS or use a direct URL for QR code or text messaging.

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