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Connect your agency’s offsite marketing efforts to your client’s onsite foot traffic.

Give your target audience the easiest way to participate in your campaign to see better results while saving you time with a user-friendly platform supported by unmatched account management through our full-circle marketing software, M360.

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Reach Client Goals with Maximum Results

• Lower the barrier for your audience to participate – all they have to do is text a keyword to your easy to remember short code.
• You’ll start seeing results the moment you launch a text message marketing campaign. 29% of recipients click on links in texts and 47% of those take action on a next step.
• Drive traffic to your other marketing channels including social media and web pages
• Collect email addresses and other profile data.
• Detailed reports allow you to make better data decisions

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Increased Efficiencies

• Hit the ground running with set-up in 48 hours on an user friendly and intuitive platform that was built by marketers for marketers.
• Create set-it-and-forget-it campaigns that automatically distribute your marketing messages on a fixed schedule or based on audience behavior.
• Built in campaign and report alerts ensure you never miss a metric.
• Your team can easily draw and notify sweepstakes winners or view campaign results on the go with our smartphone app.

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Increase Your Revenue

• Take advantage of our Reseller Program that allows you flexibility and opens doors to more revenue for your team.
• Build databases for ongoing communication that requires your strategy, content, and maintenance.
• Easily integrate text marketing into your existing 360 marketing strategy.

Agency Sweeps


Your goal is to create an effortless campaign for your client and our goal is to make the entry method, random drawing, and winner notification effortless. Let us make your life easier with a text to win platform that also accepts entries from other methods (webform, mail-in, etc.) to automatically generate a random winner or set of winners. Don’t have the bandwidth to create the official rules, for winner notification or prize fulfillment? Let us provide you a turnkey sweepstakes solution!

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Agency Campaigns

Interactive Campaigns

Deliver the power of text marketing to your existing marketing strategy. Data shows that the average American spends four hours a day on a mobile phone and that 98% of texts are read with 90% read of those under 3 minutes. Shouldn’t they be looking at your client’s brand?

  • Combine SMS to your existing marketing to improve effectiveness and reach – studies show adding SMS as a touch point increases email read rates, as well as, web and social page traffic.
  • Lower the barrier to accessing your clients’ web assets with off-line advertisements.
  • Provide an easy to remember text call to action that links to your clients’ e-commerce products

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Restaurant Proximity Marketing Callout

Helping Your Clients Capture Customers’ Attention and Share of Wallet

The retail and restaurant industries are facing a customer retention challenge. Approximately 70 percent of retail and restaurant customers never make a return visit. For those that do, studies show, 25 percent of customers contribute 2/3 of the revenue. Engaging those customers in the shopper journey is a proven way to engage them.

  • Use marketing automation, data segmentation and targeted marketing to identify the right customers, activate actions and analyze results.

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[White Paper] Why Marketing Agencies Should Offer Text Message Marketing Services
Access from Anywhere - Pocketstop

Access from Anywhere

Send messages, communicate, and gather insights from anywhere using any device.

Real Time Analytics Pocketstop

Real Time Analytics

Intuitive dashboard to monitor overall program performance and make more informed decisions.

Build Your Database - Pocketstop

Build Your Database

Build robust customer profiles for personalized, targeted messaging.

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Make Better Decisions

Compare campaign results across all of your marketing channels.

M360 Shopping Center Marketing Software

"We saw a significant increase in our loyalty program registration due to Pocketstop's M360 marketing solution."

- Manager, Pretzelmaker

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