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Today’s restaurant patrons are always on their phones. 98% of messages get read, 90% within three minutes. Pocketstop M360’s full-circle marketing solution is the fastest, easiest way to get in front of current and prospective customers.

Increase Revenue-Pocketstop

Increase Revenue

• Let customers opt in to receive mobile coupons
• Promote limited time special offers & menu items
• Message patrons as they approach your restaurant
• Support your social media marketing efforts

Customer Loyalty - Pocketstop

Increase Customer Loyalty

• Reward your best customers
• Trigger loyalty program signups
• Ask happy customers to leave reviews

Provide Excellent Service - Pocketstop

Provide Excellent Service

• Proactively engage your customers for feedback
• Respond immediately to inquires
• Resolve problems quickly
• Increase customer satisfaction

Restaurant Proximity Marketing Callout

Proximity Marketing

Easily target your onsite customers. Location-based marketing lets you connect with customers in or near your restaurant and be sure they pay attention. Send a personalized, relevant, text message triggered by their proximity or actions at or near your restaurant using your existing guest Wi-Fi.

  • Boost revenue
  • Encourage return visits & customer loyalty
  • Quick & affordable
  • Works with your merchandising & POS marketing campaigns
  • Collect customer data effortlessly

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Restaurant Text Message Marketing Callout

SMS Text Message Marketing

Get access to the most flexible and easy-to-use digital communication that always gets attention. Deliver personalized messages to customers triggered by their behavior and preferences. Create and execute campaigns within minutes.

  • Quick & Affordable
  • Automate campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Generate customer alerts
  • Integrate with your existing marketing
  • Start seeing results instantly

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Restaurants-Crisis Communication-Callout

Crisis Communication

Every restaurant owner needs to have a crisis response plan, and every good crisis response plan starts with reliable, real time, mobile communications between the front line and management. Pocketstop RedFlag is perfect for restaurants, chains, and franchise organizations of any size.

  • Send multi-channel, segmented group messages in seconds
  • Send emergency notifications, status updates & real-time news
  • Reduce liability by helping to fulfill duty of care responsibility
  • Effective crisis response increases shareholder value by 7%

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Access from Anywhere - Pocketstop

Access from Anywhere

Send messages, communicate, and gather insights from anywhere using any device.

Real Time Analytics Pocketstop

Real Time Analytics

Intuitive dashboard to monitor overall program performance and make more informed decisions.

Build Your Database - Pocketstop

Build Your Database

Build robust customer profiles for personalized, targeted messaging.

World Class Support - Pocketstop

Make Better Decisions

Compare campaign results across all of your marketing channels.

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"We saw a significant increase in our loyalty program registration due to Pocketstop's marketing solution."

- Manager, Pretzelmaker

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