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Crisis Just Ahead Sign With A Bad Day

Why Use Emergency Notification Software?

Crisis Just Ahead Sign With A Bad Day

June 17, 2021 Posted by in Mass Notification

When your business faces an emergency situation, speed is everything. A lack of communication at a crucial time can impact your business on that day and for many weeks and months going forward. The best way to avoid this impediment is to plan ahead and be ready to communicate important information quickly and seamlessly.

Old-world problem: It takes too long and sucks money out of your budget to coordinate a response to an emergency event. There would be no way to receive feedback. You could be sending messages to people who don’t need to see them, which could cause needless confusion.

Your digital-age solution: emergency notification software (ENS), which allows you to easily send directed emergency communications without technical trouble, slowdowns, or chaos. The ultimate goal is to keep relevant individuals and groups informed with critical information, before, during and after the emergency.

Here’s a typical ENS message you can send. Let’s use an example of the threat of severe weather:

Message from ABC Company:

Due to severe weather, proceed immediately to the closest “shelter in place” safe area. Click the link below to acknowledge receipt of this message.

Here are some of the best reasons why ENS will benefit you in a time when your attention will be averted to more urgent and immediate matters:

Target the right messages to the right people.

In an emergency, ENS allows you to get your message out in real time to the people in the most relevant locations. This can be directed right down to the zip code.

Benefit: waste no time and waste no messages.

Send staffing notifications and updates to any device.

Your message — containing warnings, instructions, directions and even a “stay tuned for further information” notification — automatically goes to devices, platforms, social media and other systems, without delay or technical problems.

Benefit: no worries about which technology will accept your message.

Send your notifications from anywhere.

If you’re not physically in the danger zone, you can still send messages, communicate important info and gather insights — from wherever you are currently. This includes using native ENS iPhone and Android apps.

Benefit: you are able to send your notifications while on the go.

Create lists and target groups of any group or size.

Never send a wasted message to a person or group who has no real reason to receive it. Also send important attachments to recipients if needed.

Benefit: keep everyone up to date and connected with useful, exact, relevant information.

Create your message in advance.

Save time (and possibly even lives) when you create a message for all the disasters that can befall your business in a typical year: hurricanes and other weather emergencies, technology failures, maintenance issues, cyber attacks or — heaven forbid — a mass shooting situation. You’ll be able to change, tailor and tweak your message in the heat of the moment with more critical details — but the bulk of your creative thinking will already be in place and ready to go.

Benefit: save precious time, effort and attention.

Protect your message.

You’ll be able to “lock” your message so only authorized, trusted users can go in and make any necessary changes in the midst of an emergency if you are not able to do so. This may be a concern in the event of an emergency: information and directions can change within a second’s notice.

Benefit: know the peace of mind of a secure system and protected message.

Solve issues faster.

Two-way communication allows you to receive, understand and address any issues as they are sent back to you. If someone needs help, you can be on the case right away. You’ll receive texts and emails from anyone in your target group with a specific problem or who may be in trouble.

Benefit: avoid or reduce problems that may arise, possibly saving lives.

Collect useful data.

Users can be asked to text back or register in a portal in order to be able to receive emergency messages. This means more than just being able to contact them in an emergency — you collect their contact data and profiles so you can manage lists and know whom to contact and when. It’s all about organization.

Benefit: you’ll already know who you need to contact in advance of an emergency.

Bottom line:

With the right emergency notification software,  this will take care of many communications issues you may face in the event of an emergency. It gives you a chance to proactively prepare your communication in advance, and also get a handle on the situation while it is happening.

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