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Why Small Businesses Can Benefit from Mass Notification Systems

Person checking email and phone messages

August 14, 2023 Posted by in Mass Notification

Every small business owner knows that the right tools for the right job can make all the difference between failure and success. And that includes having a mass notification system to communicate vital information with employees in real time. This article explores some of the benefits of mass alert systems for small businesses, as well as some of the features you’ll want to look for when selecting the system that’s right for you.

Even Small Businesses Deploy Mass Notification Systems

No matter the size of your business, you will benefit from a mass notification system that keeps your people informed and safe. At its simplest, a mass notification system allows you to communicate vital information to groups of any size in real time.

The best systems include features such as segmentation options, multi-channel messaging, geotargeting, and two-way communication options. Whether you hope to keep your people safe in an emergency situation, inform your team of business interruptions, or simply maintain an open line of reliable communication with your personnel, a mass notification system can equip your small business for success.

Are mass notification systems required?

Many small businesses wonder if they’re legally required to implement a mass notification system. The short answer is no. However, the realities of maintaining real-time communication with your employees in the modern workplace typically require the kind of solutions such systems provide.

For example, today’s workforce often operates out-of-office, away from their computer, and on the go. This is especially true if you’re in a non-desk industry such as construction, real-estate, utilities, or manufacturing.

A mass notification system such as RedFlag from Pocketstop empowers you to communicate with your employees wherever they are. In the event of inclement weather, facility closures, or accidents, you can save time and money by keeping your employees informed of where to go, when to go, and what to do.

And in the event of a crisis situation such as an active shooter incident, a mass notification system that allows you to communicate with your people in real-time can save their lives.

Limitations of free text alert system for business

Some small businesses choose to utilize a free text alert system to communicate with their employees. While this may seem appealing for a company’s bottom line, these basic mass notification systems typically don’t include the kinds of features that have proven successful when seconds count.

For example, a text message only works if it’s read. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee that your employees will see or read the information you provide. That’s why a multimodal mass notification system is vital for communicating on a wide variety of platforms, including:

By utilizing a multi-channel alert system, you can deliver action-oriented notifications within 30 seconds and have confidence your people will get the message.

Another helpful feature not offered by every alert system is two-way communication. This allows you to confirm that your employees have received the information, and even empowers them to relay real-time information back to you or your management team.

Finally, you’ll want a mass notification system with the ability to segment between audiences so you can send specific information to the right people. Systems like RedFlag are not only capable of this segmentation, but can also employ geotargeting to segment according to an employee’s location in real time.

Types of mass notifications businesses can send to employees 

As every good small business owner knows, the best resources suit a variety of needs. This saves time and energy so you can focus on your company’s success. That’s why you want to utilize a single mass notification system for small business that offers solutions to multiple issues. For example, an effective mass notification system can simultaneously:

  • Allow you to recruit employees and fill shifts easily via SMS messaging
  • Equip you to communicate internally with entire departments or specific individuals
  • Maintain business continuity by informing people of network failures or IT issues
  • Alert employees of an active emergency situation

These features prove helpful across multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, real estate, property management, manufacturing, education, and government agencies.

Mass Notification System for Small Business: What to look for

Ease of Use

Whether responding to an emergency when seconds count or trying to keep your business operating in a volatile environment, an effective system doesn’t need to be complex. That’s why some of the largest companies and agencies prefer RedFlag’s streamlined emergency communication system to meet their needs. You want a system designed for non-tech users because that’s who will utilize it.

Did you know? RedFlag received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace and review forum.

Customer Support

As a small business, you know the benefit of good customer service. Automation and contracted customer service support just can’t compete with one-to-one support from experts who are invested in their product and your success. That’s why you’ll want to choose a mass notification system with a strong reputation for customer support.

The best companies offer a dedicated account manager with a direct line you can contact.

Affordable Pricing

What good is a notification system for your business if it hamstrings your cash flow and cripples your operation? The simple truth is that an effective mass communication system doesn’t need to break the bank. RedFlag provides a robust array of features that are powerful enough for enterprise-level companies but priced for every use case and budget.

If you’re a small business searching for ways to streamline communication, keep your team informed, and ensure that your people stay safe, consider the benefits of a mass notification system like RedFlag’s award-winning software.

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