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Why Industrial Companies Need a Mass Notification System

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December 10, 2018 Posted by in Mass Notification

Making the most of what information technology and digital marketing channels have to offer is no longer a novelty in the corporate environment, yet some companies from industries other than retail and hospitality still don’t understand the need of a professional and effective communication system. In the industrial environment, the use of modern communication solutions and the implementation of communication strategies are still at a lower rate compared with other industries, and although things are changing for the better, there exists a general state of confusion regarding what communication solution to use and why should a company need to have such a solution in place.

According to a Global Innovation study, software-focused strategies for industrial manufacturers will increase with 26% by 2020, yet although industrial companies nowadays utilize a wide range of modern technological solutions. When it comes to communications, very few have adopted the need to draft and implement strategies for all branches of the communication tree, from internal to external.

Today we are going to discuss more about why industrial companies need mass notification software, how it can help companies notify employees when a crisis has occurred, and the benefits such a solution can bring to an industrial company if implemented properly.

What is Mass Notification Software?

A mass emergency notification system allows companies to easily communicate with employees, but also broadcast a wide array of messages, such as internal communication notes, alerts, general information, and more. If you are an industrial company, the need for an extensive communication strategy is all the more pressing since you are dealing with health and security issues that need to be address and broadcasted with swiftness when or if a crisis occurs. Therefore, a mass notification system is mandatory for making sure that all your communication needs are meet. Let’s find out more about how mass notification systems work, and why industrial companies need one.

The Benefits of Mass Notification System for Industrial Companies

When it comes to industrial companies, having an employee alert system means you have a solution in place that will ensure the safety of the company’s employees on issues such as environmental challenges, various damages to equipment or to the structure of the workplace, health hazards, technical malfunctions, IT breaches, and more. Also, a mass notification system allows you to inform your employees about industry changes, general news or updates related to your business’ health and safety issues, or any other message that needs to be broadcasted to a wide audience within a tight timeframe. The benefits of such a system are numerous, and in the case of industrial companies, contribute to the overall wellbeing of company and employees.

Multi-Channel Communication

Usually, in a corporate environment such as is the case of companies operating in the back-office sectors, communication often happens with people who find themselves in the same workplace: an office. In the case of industrial companies, employees can be engaged in a wide range of activities, most of them which are conducted outside of an office space, which is why it is mandatory for all communication strategies to be drafted and implemented with multi-channel broadcasting in mind, ensuring that everyone gets the message in a timely manner. For example, if you only send emails, the people who are working on the site will probably not see them until the end of their shift. A mass notification system offers you the ability to conduct your communication requirements whichever way your company needs, with flexible choices in terms of multi-channel broadcasting.

Automated Mass Notification

Sending out messages manually to each and every one of the people you need to contact requires a lot of work and time, plus, it can leave room for mistakes, thus resulting in consequences that for industrial companies can lead to severe damages. A mass notification system comes with an option to automate messages, and also choose when to send them. having this solution at hand can simplify the way your company handles its communicating needs, and free up time for other important tasks.

Efficient Emergency Management

A crisis or an emergency event can occur in all business environments, but in the case of industrial companies, given the special health and safety regulations involved, chances are the when it does occur, its impact can be more severe than in other industries. Having a tool at hand to help your company manage a crisis or an emergency event is mandatory and should be an integrant part of all your communication strategies. A mass notification system will allow for a better, swifter, and more efficient broadcasting of messages in times of an emergency, therefore contributing to minimizing any damage.

Improved Business Continuity

As discussed above, implementing a communication strategy and making use of a mass notification system is of utmost importance for the proper management of an emergency or crisis situation. This means that such a solution will also help better your business continuity. Today, industrial companies still deal with a lack of efficiency when it comes to restoring operations after a crisis, with a major part of the problem coming from a weak or nonexistent crisis communication strategy. Business continuity is important throughout all industries and sectors, but industrial companies have a lot to lose if their business continuity strategies are not functioning properly, and those loses involve more than the financial aspects of an interruption in activity.

Health and Safety Regulations and Updates

Working in an industrial sectors means having to be up-to-date with industry codes, guidelines, and regulations, providing a constant flow of information for all your employees, and also organizing regular training session on all health and safety matters. Having a mass notification system in place will help you better manage the way you broadcast health and safety information, and also the way you provide your employees with the proper training required by working in an industrial sector.

Industrial companies need a mass notification system perhaps even more than companies from other industries, and having a modern one in place will save you a lot of time and financial efforts. Aside from giving you access to a clean, simple, and highly-effective solution for mass broadcasting of all your messages, a mass notification system also provides you with a complex mean of gathering and analyzing communication data, therefore with a mean of improving your communication plans based on real-time results of ongoing strategies, rather than just based on industry theories and guidelines.

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