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The RedFlag Emergency Notification System Improves Your Shopping Mall’s Response Time

The RedFlag Emergency Notification System Improves Your Shopping Mall’s Response Time

September 9, 2014 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

Reducing Response Time Contributes to Positive Outcomes

It’s early Saturday afternoon and your shopping center is alive with the buzzing of people ready to bring in the fall season. You see a few people who have even donned light jackets despite the summer’s sun that hasn’t quite quit just yet. As a shopping mall property manager, your responsibilities are in full swing on this busy day. You’re ready for anything!

Oh no. What’s that noise? The fire alarms. They’re sounding. You grab the phone. Making calls to figure out if it’s a false alarm. No, it’s the real thing. There is a massive grease fire in the food court. It’s out-of-control and spreading. You need to activate your emergency action plan and evacuate your tenants and customers safely.

How do you do it?

A common benchmark for effective emergency reaction is response time. In an emergency, the faster you can take action the better. The RedFlag emergency notification system helps you improve response time so you can minimize loss of life and property, and reputation as well, during critical situations.

Emergencies occur when they are least expected. The RedFlag emergency notification system can be at your fingertips in seconds allowing you to alert your tenants and employees of impending danger and how to escape safely — no matter how quickly the crisis emerged. Many businesses, shopping malls included, run the risk of not being able to leverage their communication systems during an emergency and increase emergency response time instead of decreasing it.

In emergency situations, response time can increase for several other reasons. People tend to panic which creates delays. People also resort to improper means of communicating if they’re not prepared. Without the Redflag emergency notification system in place, people may try to manually call their entire workforce which eats away at precious time. The RedFlag emergency notification system eliminates the need for manual communication by simultaneously using voice, email and text messages and social media posts to communicate with every single tenant and employee within seconds.

Another reason response time increases is because communication channels can break down. If you must evacuate immediately, but your phone tree is in a binder at your desk that is likely engulfed in flames, there’s a problem. The RedFlag emergency notification system is “in the cloud” so you can access your database from any internet connected device — anytime, anywhere.

And luckily for you, your shopping mall is proactive and uses the RedFlag emergency notification system. Your office is down the corridor from the food court so you immediately tell the first person you see to call the fire department and then tell everyone in your office to evacuate using the back door. You pull your Smartphone from your pocket and log into the RedFlag emergency notification system

You had saved a pre-written notification in the RedFlag emergency notification system about what to do in the event of a fire. You quickly annotated where the fire was and what exits to use as you evacuated safely yourself. When you walk around your mall to the main exit, you see people pouring out. A sigh of relief comes over you as the fire department pulls into the parking lot.

With today’s digital technology, there is no reasons why your shopping mall’s emergency response time shouldn’t be expeditious. For more information about the RedFlag emergency notification system and how it can help you speed up your response time as well as Pocketstop’s other operational and marketing communication solutions, give us a call at 877-840-2444.

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