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Keep Calm and ‘Notify’ On… RedFlag’s Office 365 Apps Are Here & Featured on Channel 9

Keep Calm and ‘Notify’ On… RedFlag’s Office 365 Apps Are Here & Featured on Channel 9

May 12, 2016 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

No need to grab your remote control. That’s right, it’s not a local news channel I’m talking about, Channel 9 is Microsoft’s online community that showcases the people behind Microsoft products and connects them with those who use them. The site hosts video channels, discussions, podcasts, screencasts, interviews and more. There is a dedication sections for partners called the Microsoft Partner Apps Blog where apps and solutions developed by Microsoft partners are highlighted. And right now, Pocketstop is being featured on the Channel 9 Partner Apps blog to highlight our recent accomplishment of bringing mass notification capabilities to Office 365.

Our new RedFlag for Office 365 apps are available immediately for purchase in the Office Store. What do our new apps do? We built an Outlook and Excel app to go along with our existing Yammer app and announced them through Channel 9. Our new apps extend Office 365’s capabilities by turning Outlook into a RedFlag multi-channel messenger, Excel into a powerful RedFlag Subscriber management interface and Yammer into a collaboration tool capable of receiving RedFlag’s messages.

As a result of the RedFlag for Office 365 apps, Pocketstop has become the very first mass notification company to provide an integrated experience for Office 365—something we are very proud of! Here’s a little more about the additional functions RedFlag for Office 365 brings to the table:

  • The RedFlag for Outlook add-in provides multi-channel mass notification distribution capabilities for both the desktop and web versions of Outlook. Users can send text, email, voice and social posts from within Microsoft Outlook.
  • RedFlag for Outlook improves audience segmentation without ever leaving the inbox. A user’s static email lists can now be replaced with the power and flexibility of dynamic group selection. Send a message to the exact set of people you wish to reach. Common examples include region, department, job title and many more.
  • RedFlag Subscriber Import for Excel simplifies ongoing user management and is accessible in both the desktop and web versions of Excel. Easily import and map user information without the need for external file management. Built-in validation processes and reporting ensures data accuracy.
  • RedFlag for Yammer helps improve the effectiveness and reliability of your internal communication by combining the power of the RedFlag mass notification platform with the readership of your Yammer platform. Use RedFlag for Outlook to create and send messages to one or multiple Yammer groups.

Again, please click here and check out Pocketstop’s highlight on the Channel 9 blog. As of May 11th, we have 133 views on the blog post which is pretty good and puts our post on page 6 out of 39 pages of app blogs!

For more information about Pocketstop and our new RedFlag for Office 365 apps please visit our website.

Microsoft Channel 9 Blog Post:

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