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James Avery Selects Pocketstop’s RedFlag for Multi-Channel Notification Capability


October 10, 2015 Posted by in Mass Notification



DALLAS, TX, October 10, 2015 — Dallas-based communications company, Pocketstop, announced today that James Avery, a national, family-owned company that offers finely crafted jewelry, selected its RedFlag Notification System to enhance the jewelry company’s corporate communication abilities. With RedFlag, James Avery will make positive improvements to its communications strategy by using the notification system’s cloud-based, multi-channel messaging capability. As a jewelry retailer with stores located all over the country, James Avery will increase control, coordination and consistency of corporate communications.

With Pocketstop’s cloud-based RedFlag Mass Notification System, James Avery expects to:

  • Improve communication efforts to retail stores and vertically-integrated supply chain.
  • Eliminate communication failure points.
  • Enhance operational readiness.
  • Improve situational awareness.
  • Integrate RedFlag with current systems and software seamlessly.
  • Eliminate redundant processes, saving time and money.
  • Reduce administrative tasking through self-registration.
  • Improve message read rates with multi-channel message distribution.
  • Improve business continuity and operational efficiency.
  • Alert and inform anyone, anywhere on any device.

The RedFlag Notification System is a cloud-based mass notification system, running on Microsoft Azure’s cloud technologies. Organizations using RedFlag’s mass notification technology take control of communications with the ability to send customizable messages through multiple communication channels of their choosing. RedFlag provides an ideal way to keep people informed and aware, enabling them to make smart decisions in any situation.

Pocketstop’s CEO, Daniel Wagstaff emphasized the importance of his company’s mass notification system in today’s digital age when he said “organizations must be equipped with the right technology to effectively communicate, especially for a company like James Avery who has a substantial network of people located across the nation. From artists and designers to managers and customers—James Avery’s communications efforts help drive the company’s great success.”

Pocketstop relies on a key partnership with Microsoft enabling it to provide simple, effective and convenient mass communication on demand. Through this partnership, RedFlag provides organizations not only an effective way to reach to a large audience but also a solution that really can help to create a new standard in the way organizations communication internally and externally.

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About RedFlag

The RedFlag Notification System is the brainchild of Dallas-based Pocketstop, LLC, a communications company that helps connect clients and consumers by using proven technologies to solve communications challenges. Committed to equipping organizations with the tools needed to effectively respond to communicate with their audiences, RedFlag is an affordable and easy-to-use mass notification system that quickly notifies internal and external groups simultaneously via the channels and devices of choice. For more information about RedFlag, visit or call 877-840-2444.

About James Avery1

James Avery has five manufacturing plants—one each in Hondo, Fredericksburg, and Kerrville, Texas and two in Comfort, Texas. The company offers over 1,100 designs and maintains some 14,000 separate jewelry items in their active product line, each originated by skilled artisans in the Texas Hill Country. James Avery Jewelry is designed to reflect the things that are important in life. Their designs are timeless, their appeal universal. The company offers jewelry for special occasions and for everyday wear. Whether it’s a first communion cross, a wedding band, or a commemorative charm, each piece in their collection is crafted with the same care and attention to detail. Although he officially stepped down as CEO in 2007, James Avery himself is still involved at the company’s headquarters in Kerrville, Texas.

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