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The Intersection Between Operational & Marketing Communications: Pocketstop

The Intersection Between Operational & Marketing Communications: Pocketstop

September 9, 2015 Posted by in Text Message Marketing - M360, Pockestop News, Mass Notification

Pocketstop is a SaaS multi-channel digital communication specialist

Organizations these days, whether a shopping mall, retail outlet, corporate office or non-profit organization, have a variety of communication needs. Customers, employees, vendors and managers not only expect information to be pushed out, they demand it.

These days, you are behind the times if you can’t communicate with your audience in an instant. And soon, if you can’t communicate via a mobile device you’ll really be missing out. Missing out on what, you ask. Let me tell you. See that sitting on the desk next to you or feel that in your pocket? That’s your smartphone and I would bet it’s one of the ways, if not the leading way, you receive information — especially if you’re always on the go. And you’re not alone. Smartphone usage has skyrocketed in recent times with lots of potential for those who need to communicate. From email to voicemail, text messages, applications and more. You can get it all in one place.

Digital technology affords any one individual, like yourself, to the largest of the largest conglomerates the ability to communicate with an unlimited number of people in an instant.

Pocketstop offers several communication solutions that help solve common communication challenge. In two categories, operational communications and marketing communications, Pocketstop is an organization’s one-stop provider of all things communication.

Let’s talk about operational communications. Pocketstop offers cost-saving solutions in this category that give you more control — especially during a crisis.

Pocketstop’s RedFlag Notification System is a mass notification system that keeps your most valuable assets — your people — safe, secure and informed. Use RedFlag for operational communications needs including for emergency/crisis communications and for general information, read: for anything. Form groups, schedule routine messages, send targeted notifications or create a new message in seconds. Whatever your need, RedFlag has you covered.

Pocketstop’s operational communication solutions provide multi-channel message delivery capable of being delivered on a smartphone or other mobile device as well as desktop notifications. Multi-channel message delivery increases message read-rates and ensures our clients that their messages will reach a person and not just a device.

Now let’s talk about marketing communications. Pocketstop offers marketing communications that help any organization improve how they interact with their audiences. We offer text message marketing and loyalty and reward solutions. Both of these solution subcategories can be applied to many different marketing strategies giving you a revenue boost and an increase in customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

Text message marketing is a growing marketing channel that both consumers and retailers like. Consumers like the convenience of receiving a mobile coupon, for example, right on their phone and retailers benefit from higher redemption and participation rates from text-based marketing campaigns and promotions.

Click here to learn more about Pocketstop’s marketing communication solutions.

Here at Pocketstop, we really do have all your communication needs covered. Use our operational solutions to take care of internal communications to your workforce and implement our marketing solutions to reach your consumers in a way they love.

Oh, I heard that. Your smartphone just did a jingle — go check that text message!

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