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How RedFlag Enhances Your Multifamily Tenant Communication Plan

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June 22, 2018 Posted by in Other

Every day roughly 2654 individuals enter the rental property market. That being said, 2018 is truly a fantastic time to be a landlord. However, it’s important to look after your tenants and develop a succinct communications plan that serves its purpose keeping both parties happy.

There are more than 544 new landlords entering the market on a daily basis. With one new rental unit every 80 seconds, and one new renter every 32 seconds. Property managers are quickly snapping up and renovating buildings across the U.S, renting out apartments to new tenants, tenants that will expect a professional level of communication from day one in their new property.

Whatever profession or background a property manager comes from, they need to establish a level of communication that fits the needs of their renters, whilst adhering to their needs as a landlord. It’s this type of communication, built on mutual respect and streamlined communications that RedFlag promotes, endorses, and enhances.

Landlord/Tenant communication is a two-way street, but it doesn’t need to be a challenge to be effective and ensure that both the landlord and the tenant are happy.

Tips for Improving Multifamily Landlord/Tenant Communications

According to Tenant Screening Blog, the following points should be considered when communicating with tenants.

  • Never assume. Don’t assume you know what a tenant is thinking or planning.
  • Put it in writing. Especially when it comes to changing the terms of a lease, such as allowing a roommate or a pet, put it in writing and have all parties to the lease sign and date it. Even if it’s simply to use an extra parking spot, don’t rely on verbal agreements. They’re difficult to remember, not to mention prove in court.
  • Over communicate. If you’re going to err on either side, over—don’t under—communicate.
  • Use multiple platforms. Some tenants will prefer to talk with you on the phone, others via text. Still others will only respond to email. All legal correspondence should be delivered through the U.S. Mail.
  • Ask questions. Whether you’re reviewing the terms of the lease, or making an appointment for a maintenance call, make sure the tenant understands what you’re saying by asking clarifying questions. And if you’re unsure about what the tenant is saying, ask again.
  • Listen. Be an active listener. Make eye contact. Watch body language. Repeat back what you’ve heard and ask if that’s what the tenant really meant.
  • Don’t interrupt. Show interest, provide feedback and be patient when your tenants are speaking.

When creating a tenant communications plan there are several core points to consider.

  • Who owns your communications program?
  • Where is it and in what form is it?
  • When was the last time it was updated?
  • How is it executed?
  • Does it include everything that you need?
  • Can you measure the results?

Modern tenant communications plans should be updated a minimum of every twelve months.

We built RedFlag as a perfect partner for multifamily landlords and tenants who want to communicate quickly and easily using platforms and methods of communication that suit the needs of each individual.

But how does RedFlag actually enhance your tenant communications plan?

RedFlag is packed full of features designed specifically to make mass communication easy, transparent, smooth, and accessible.

RedFlag allows landlords and tenants to choose exactly how they want to communicate, how frequently, and using whatever method of communication they are comfortable with. This could be social media, text messages, email, voice calls, and much more.

Multifamily landlords around the country use RedFlag to send important notifications to people when and where they need it. Our simple, multi-channel communication system allows you to deliver real time alerts and critical information to groups of any size via.

It’s a perfect solution to streamlined communications between landlords and tenants. By harnessing the beauty and simplicity of RedFlag’s slick interface and easy to use software across all devices, you will be able to:

Keep Everyone Up to Date and Connected

Pocketstop RedFlag makes it easy to send timely, personalized, relevant messages to large groups, small groups, or specific individuals. Recipients can customize how they receive messages and they can respond with their own alerts and updates.

Solve Issues Faster

With two-way communication via text-to-chat, you can close the loop quicker when your recipients can send text messages to you to report problems, ask questions, or seek help.

Save Time:

Compose a message once and send it to multiple channels with the click of a button. You can also send send multi-channel messages directly from Outlook. Manage all of your notifications with an easy-to-use dashboard, generate detailed reports, and automatically import users’ data from third-party software.

Increase Productivity:

RedFlag lets you create lists and define rules, increasing your productivity by targeting any group by any segment or size.

Easily Collect Recipient Data:

The Pocketstop portal and interfaces makes it very easy to manage contact information so that you’ll always be able to reach people, the way they prefer, when it matters most. You can even upload the information you already have and allow recipients to complete their profiles.

Increase Power and Reliability:

With enterprise level data security and reliability via Microsoft Azure, keep your most valuable assets – your data and your people – safe and secure.

Put simply, we’ve build RedFlag with features that are designed to enhance landlord/communications at the top level.

Redflag allows you to improve efficiency:

  • Rapidly create and send voice, text and email messages
  • Plan ahead and save time with pre-defined alerting templates
  • Microsoft Office and Excel integration

Whilst empowering you to increase control:

  • Customizable recipient grouping
  • Schedule messages for future delivery
  • Receive and analyze vital feedback in real-time from message recipients
  • Track and audit all notification activities in online reports
  • View recipient message histories

So, for all landlords who don’t want communication mistakes to taint their reputation or burden their integrity. Feel free to book a demo to look through all of our features and see with your own eyes how RedFlag will enhance your communications strategy and satisfy your needs.

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