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How to easily collect and maintain the right tenant data

How to easily collect and maintain the right tenant data

October 12, 2017 Posted by in Mass Notification

As a property manager, you might know a thing or two about maintaining tenant data.

In fact, you probably spend more time than you want to collecting, storing, and organizing information.

Property managers have significant responsibility to maintain accurate and complete records of current and former tenants. While the requirements vary state to state, smart property managers keep records on a range of things, like: who applied for a rental, an inventory of any property damage so that security deposits may be correctly handled, contact information for tenants, and details of any maintenance requests. Keeping records of tenant data is important. It allows you to protect yourself if there are any legal disputes, and it can be necessary to satisfy both state and federal regulatory requirements.

In addition to reporting and record keeping, well-organized tenant data allows you to communicate effectively with current tenants. If there is an emergency (for example, inclement weather or a security threat), you can let tenants know. Effective communication tools also allow for more routine communication. You can reach out to current tenants when, say, there is an elevator out of service or of an upcoming community event.

If you are not already keeping good tenant records, you may need to start. While you might be able to easily access contact information for the lease holder – what about other tenants who are in the space, like other family members or business employees? What if you need to notify all of the tenants on the floor of a broken pipe, not just the lease holders?

Collecting the Right Tenant Data

If you have a tenant notification system, that software must make it easy to add your current and future contact information and be flexible with how you currently work. The RedFlag system can help you easily gather tenant data. Tenants can sign up with ease. For example, any tenant can join through a subscriber interface, like a sign-up web page. RedFlag also has an easy text-to-join capability. This means that all of your tenants – not just lease holders – can opt-in to your mass notification system in a simple, seamless process, and you will have their information stored in an easy to access place.  

Also, wherever you have tenant data stored, we can help. RedFlag is flexible and can easily be integrated with many current methods of storing tenant data. You can upload contacts directly through Microsoft Excel or by uploading a CSV file. RedFlag also connects with property management systems like RealPage or Yardi. Easy integration means that RedFlag can be implemented and updated with absolutely no hassle.

A Better Solution

With RedFlag, your mass communication system can do more than communicate with tenants: it can help you maintain and organize tenant data. If you are looking for better methods of maintaining tenant data or for a simpler communication system, reach out! RedFlag may be the solution you are looking for.

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