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Drive the Behavior You’re Looking for with Automated Communication Solutions

Drive the Behavior You’re Looking for with Automated Communication Solutions

February 23, 2016 Posted by in Text Message Marketing - M360, Pockestop News, Mass Notification

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. This truth can be applied to many situations in life and in business. And with today’s tech landscape, your business is only as good as your best digital communication system. Let’s talk about some of the different automated communication solutions that can help your business—no matter size or location and no matter your goal.

Mass Notification Communication Systems:

Mass notification system use is on the rise. A mass notification system is a digital, cloud based communication system that allows users to write a single message for distribution to multiple channels including email, text, voicemail and social media updates. Mass notification systems are used by shopping malls, retail outlets, corporate offices, residential and commercial property managers, multi-level marketing organizations, public schools, college and universities, city governments and others to communicate to a group of people in a very easy and cost effective way. What can mass notification systems help with? They streamline communications. They increase readership of messages, save time and money and provide a secondary function—as your business’s contact database. Oh, by the way, in an emergency a mass notification system is going to be an essential communication tool.

Text Message Marketing Communication:

It’s likely while you are reading this blog, your phone will ding or vibrate… you’ll probably receive a text message. Text message marketing, unlike other, more traditional marketing channels, is unique because consumers must opt-in—your consumer actually signs up to hear from you. Text for the win! More and more consumer seek out text programs because they know it’s an easy way to receive communication from their favorite businesses. Text message marketing communication is a very cost-effective marketing channel with unlimited ROI possibilities.

Digital Loyalty & Reward Communication:

Digital loyalty and reward communication programs are not as popular as text message marketing—yet—but that’s changing rapidly. There are still a myriad of businesses out there who hand out punch cards as their primary “reward” program. Moving loyalty and reward communication to a digital format is quite an easy transition—as most businesses already do so much with their computers and mobile devices. Consumers also enjoy having an app based or even a text message based loyalty program instead of having to keep up with a paper punch card. Save some trees too!

Proximity Marketing/WiFi Marketing:

Many businesses and organizations already offer free Wi-Fi in their stores and buildings. Proximity or Wi-Fi marketing lets a business or organization leverage their existing Wi-Fi service. When a consumer connects to a business or organization’s Wi-Fi signal, they are prompted to text in a code that is set with an auto reply confirming their Wi-Fi connection and directs the consumer to a website, coupon or other promotion or informational message. When consumers revisit a location, their mobile device automatically connects to the Wi-Fi signal and triggers a “welcome back” text message. Proximity marketing helps individually target consumers and increases a consumer’s receptiveness to marketing communication related to their current location. Not to mention, proximity marketing captures consumer data such as visit frequency, average visit length and the length of time since a consumer’s last visit.

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