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Back to School: Does Your Child’s School Use a Mass Notification System? Here’s Why They Should.

Back to School: Does Your Child’s School Use a Mass Notification System? Here’s Why They Should.

August 26, 2015 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

As your kids head back to school, be sure to ask how you’ll receive messages in the event of a crisis or urgent situation.

Generally, you hear a lot about a mass notification system being used by corporate offices, shopping centers and city governments, but schools and universities can benefit greatly from the use of a mass notification system as well. If you are a parent of a school aged child you need to understand the school’s communication plans for both emergencies and general information. Many school districts use social media to post important information but what about during a developing situation? If you are in a meeting or in the car or even in the grocery store how are you going to receive notifications?

Many school districts are realizing the benefits of a mass notification system and so are parents. When it comes to our children, timely communication is of the essence. A mass notification system doubles as a parent-notification system, keeping parents informed in an instant. There is nothing more frustrating and disheartening than not knowing what is going on when it’s related to our children.

Do you need to pick your child up early because of bad weather? Is your child’s bus going to be late? What night is freshman orientation? These are questions that can be answered easily using a mass notification system. A mass notification system gives school administrators the ability to send notifications quickly in the event of an emergency but also has the flexibility to schedule messages for routine communications.

Let’s quickly break down why your child’s school should be using a mass notification system.

  1. Mass meaning the masses. A mass notification system can instantly notify an unlimited number of people. That means parents, grandparents, siblings or other caregivers. In an instant, everyone can be on the same page about what is going on.
  2. About. Anything. A mass notification system can be used as an emergency communication system or a general notification system. It can be used to distribute an endless list of information. A school isn’t limited to just crisis communications but can send messages about anything and everything.
  3. A system is a set of connected things or procedures forming a whole. A mass notification system comes with parts to help organize an overall communications plan. All of us receive information in different ways, these systems provide multi-channel messaging so the likelihood of a parent receiving the message is very high.

As the kids pack up their back packs to start the new school year, be sure to ask the right questions at meet the teacher night. If the school doesn’t have a good parent communications plan in place or is using antiquated systems, let them know they should consider a mass notification system. As parents, there is nothing more important than the safety and security of our children.

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