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Busy Business Woman Texting On Her Cell Phone

5 Non-Emergency Use Cases for Your Mass Notification System

Busy Business Woman Texting On Her Cell Phone

May 9, 2019 Posted by in Other

In a world governed by the swiftness with which new technologies emerge, keeping up with modern solutions for all business aspects is of utmost importance for any entity, whether it is for the the corporate environment, or the public sector. This dynamic necessity is all the more apparent when discussing communication and the manner in which a business drafts its strategies, regardless of size, industry, or position in the market.

The increasing popularity of mass notification systems has made it possible for companies to optimize their needs and align themselves to industry standards in terms of crisis management, safe work environments, and more. When it comes to crisis communication, using a mass notification system is mandatory for all businesses that want to successfully implement their plans and strategies, yet mass notifications systems are effective for more than just emergencies. Therefore, today, we are going to analyze the main non-emergency uses of a mass notification system and what benefits they can bring to your business.

The Importance of Good Communication in the Business World

In 2018, the communication software market was valued at almost $9.3 billion globally, with predictions which say it will surpass $10 billion by the year 2022. Therefore, the significant role communication plays in our lives, and its merging with modern technology, is undeniable. Yet when it comes to communication in the business world, or even among agencies belonging to the public sector, there are still industry actors who are not entirely sure how to utilize this information.

When discussing, drafting, and implementing communication strategies for your business, the main aspect you need to consider is understanding why you need to take such a decision, and what are your goals and objectives. Once you have clearly pinpointed these aspects, you will be able to decide on what methods and solutions to use, which brings us back to non-emergency uses for mass notification solutions.

But before providing you with an in-depth presentation of use cases, let’s go over the main benefits of communication in the business world:

  • Proper communication improves relationships within a company
  • Communication increases productivity and business growth
  • With the help of good communication strategies, you can shape the attitudes and behaviors of your employees toward a better understanding of the business world
  • Communication provides a solid foundation for team building
  • Though good communication strategies you can foster innovation within your business and in your industry
  • Good communication helps your company work towards building a name in the industry
  • Through methodically implemented communication strategies, your employees stay informed, inform other team members on their activity, and provide you with useful feedback

Non-Emergency Use Cases for Your Mass Notification System

Knowing these benefits, the next step would be to come up with a modern and efficient solution for making the most of them, without a significant financial effort and especially, without having to spend a lot of time with implementation. Turning to a mass notification system for your company’s communication needs—aside from emergency communication—albeit not a road taken by many, will prove to be highly efficient. Making such a decision will not only improve the outcomes of your communication strategies, but also put you one step of your competitors, who are still relying on traditional methods.

Staffing Communication

Using traditional methods to interview prospect employees and making new hires is a strain not only on your budget, but also on the time you could be allocating for other activities. Nowadays, recruiting using email is no longer as efficient as it was a decade ago, given that with text messaging you could be reaching your audience in a swifter and more operational manner. Implementing staffing communications through the help of a mass notification system will provide you with a simple multi-channel solution that you could use either when a temporary need arises, or when you are considering a new permanent hire.

Internal Updates and Reminders

The fact that you can effectively use a mass notification system for internal communications should come as no surprise—it is an easy and rapid way of keeping your employees informed, for example in a hospital. If you want to broadcast internal updates, reminders, or any other messages that you need to reach a wide audience within the workplace, a mass notification system is the perfect choice. Not only will it save you time, but you can also implement templates, and get real-time feedback regarding who received and interacted with your messages.

Maintenance and IT Notifications

One of the main important aspects of business communication is being able to inform your employees or the customers you are providing services to about an upcoming maintenance session or an IT department message. Using a mass notification solution will allow you to reach a wider audience without having to contact them individually, but also give you access to statistics and other information about the delivery of the message. Automating maintenance notifications will also help you keep better track maintenance and other upkeep-related activities.

Surveys and Feedback Gathering

Polling your employees on various internal matters is highly beneficial when it comes to the overall growth of your business and to bettering relationships within the workplace. Doing so with the help of a mass notification system will help you save time and have better control of the data resulting from surveys, therefore offering you a more thorough way of analyzing feedback. Using a modern, fully-featured solution will allow you to reach employees through a wider range of channels, thus you don’t have to worry about sending the message more than once, or only when employees are at their desk.

Event Planning

Communication related to corporate event planning is usually tedious and involves a lot of changes, having to keep track of replies from everyone involved, and sharing your ideas with a wide audience. Communicating internally about events your company is organizing with the help of a mass notification system will automate the time-consuming aspects, and give you better access to data related to attendance, confirmations, and more. In fact, when it comes to event planning for larger corporate audiences there is no other communication solution that can handle things better than a mass notification system.

Taking into consideration how communications in the business environment are conducted in today’s times, these 5 non-emergency use cases for your mass notification system are highly beneficial for the development of your company. Also, keep in mind that you can use a mass notification system for any communication need that involves broadcasting a message to wider audience with swiftness and efficiency—and having access to real-time data about the whole process. Don’t forget to always update your communication strategies with the latest developments in the industry and to also implement data received via feedback in future communication plans.

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