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5 Industries That Can Use Text Marketing To Boost Business

5 Industries That Can Use Text Marketing To Boost Business

July 7, 2015 Posted by in Text Message Marketing - M360, Pockestop News

Text Marketing Is a “No Brainer” As Most Consumers Now Carry Cell Phones

Mobile marketing, SMS marketing and text marketing are all interchangeable terms. It doesn’t matter what you call it, text marketing (as we will call it!) is when text messages are used as a marketing channel to reach consumers. Every day more and more businesses and organizations jump on the text marketing bandwagon. Don’t worry, there is still room for you! Today, I am going to highlight five industries that can and should (and many already are) use text marketing to help increase business and reach goals.

Text Marketing for the Quick Service Restaurant Industry (QSRs):

Better known as fast food restaurants, QSRs have exploded in this country over the last several decades catering to people who are always on the go. Check out your local QSRs during a meal time and you’re sure to find a line forming. Text marketing is a great way for QSRs to re-invent themselves — by keeping up with technology — and it provides another way to engage consumers besides a new jingle. Not to mention, coupons and promotions delivered via text marketing have a higher redemption rate and give consumers an easy way to share coupons with friends.

Text Marketing for the HealthCare Industry:

For doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers who rely on revenue from kept appointments, text marketing can be a great way for staff members to send patients appointment reminders. A quick text message can include a patient’s appointment date, time and location as well as an option to confirm or cancel the appointment. Doctor’s may also use text marketing to send health tips to patients or reminders to schedule annual physical or other reoccurring appointments.

Text Marketing for the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Industry:

Multi-level marketing companies utilize independent distributors or sellers that sell and distribute their products. Some MLM companies have distributors that number in the millions and are located worldwide. If that’s not a huge communication challenge, I don’t know what is. Text marketing allows MLM companies the ability to keep in touch with their independent distributors instantly using a communication channel that has a 99% read rate.

Text Marketing for the Retail Industry:

Using text marketing to send consumers digital coupons is an extremely effective way to drive in-store traffic and online sales. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, text marketing gives retailers a great way to engage customers, let them know about sales or promotions, changes in store hours or even new locations. Often, consumer even seek out “mobile clubs” or “text groups” so they can sign up to get the latest deal.

Text Marketing for the Movie Theater/Entertainment Industry:

Movie theaters and other places that provide entertainment can use text marketing to increase traffic during periods of low occupancy or even to promote a big event. Offering a free item during a mid-morning showing might encourage a stay-at-home mom to take her child to the movies if she’s getting a deal. Send it to her e-mail and it may go right to her junk folder or an email address she rarely uses. Send a text message to her cell phone, and it’s likely she’ll read the offer within 30 seconds.

Text marketing is great for these five industries — but the list doesn’t stop there. A wide variety of industries can benefit from text marketing. It’s a growing and greatly effective marketing channel that both companies and consumer alike enjoy.

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