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2018 BOMA Annual Conference: A Perspective

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June 18, 2018 Posted by in Other

Later this week the BOMA International Conference and Expo comes to San Antonio, TX bringing property management expertise and leadership figures from all over the world.

The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International is a federation of 88 BOMA U.S. associations and 18 international affiliates. Founded in 1907, BOMA represents the owners and managers of all commercial property types including 10.5 billion square feet of U.S. office space that supports 1.7 million jobs and contributes $234.9 billion to the U.S. GDP. Its mission is to advance a vibrant commercial real estate industry through advocacy, influence and knowledge.

At Pocketstop, we preview the leading property management expos annually, as they line up with some of the goals of our software and with our increasing desire to enhance communications within the commercial property industry.

As we take a look at some of the topics that are up for discussion across this four-day event, we can gain insight into the key areas that are impacting the commercial real estate industry at present. We take note of this data and look for solutions that we can add into our software and products in order to innovate and adapt as the industry faces problems, we can harbor solutions.

We were particularly interested in some of this years ‘Spotlight Sessions’ as they seem to focus on areas around multi-generational communication in the workplace and how to enhance communication and improve engagement. With communication being an area that we specialize in, we thought we’d break down two of these spotlight sessions to consider how communication is paramount to the commercial property industry across the globe.

Engage Every Age: Leading a Generationally Diverse Team

To communicate clearly with each generation in today’s workplace, you need to understand the political, societal, and technological events that shaped each generation’s core beliefs and values. Once you understand the history, traits, and culture of each generation, you can then better speak each generation’s language, which builds rapport and trust. The result? Higher sales, improved bottom-line results, and increased employee retention. Enjoy an engaging and dynamic presentation that will help leaders bridge the gap between Gen X, Gen Y, and Baby Boomers in a generationally diverse workplace.

We thought this would speak volumes to our readers due to our recent concentrations on communication across generations. We also understand the need to train staff thoroughly on modern communications technologies. However, it’s good to offer a choice when it comes to how multi-generational staff and customers communicate with your business.

Creating a ‘Yes, And” Culture of High-Level Performance and Engagement

This dynamic keynote teaches leaders and organizations how to apply the improv concept of “Yes, And” to radically improve communication, performance, and engagement. Through thought-provoking activities aimed at enhancing leadership and building cohesive team culture, attendees come away with tools to skyrocket leadership and communication within their organizations. Participants laugh and learn together while gaining actionable skills that will permanently change the way they show up in business.

Again, we liked the idea that communication and performance are vital elements right across BOMA 2018. We believe that a cohesive team culture is built from the top down. We also believe that businesses should be hot on internal communications and should always be prepared for crisis management.

Breaking down the educational sessions being offered, we have pinpointed some key areas that are impacting the commercial real estate industry in 2018. These sessions cover, ‘Technology and Innovation’, ‘Tenant Relations and Retention’, ‘Creating Asset Value’, and, ‘High Performance Buildings.’

The positioning of the BOMA event has helped us to see just what areas are impacting the face of the commercial retail real estate industry this year. But as we look ahead towards the future, there are several areas that are most definitely going to shape the future, especially in the U.S.

Innovation and performance are two key areas that rely on green energy and the best communications strategy and software available in today’s marketplace.

This year’s conference will host a reward ceremony for the Green Lease Leaders, a government backed program that recognizes outstanding efforts in green leasing.

Green leases, also known as “high-performance” or “energy-aligned” leases, create win-win agreements for building owners and tenants by equitably aligning the costs and benefits of energy and water efficiency investments for both parties.

The Green Leader Leaders program sets national standards for what constitutes a green lease, while recognizing leaders in the field who are actively and effectively using the lease as a smart tool to drive greater investment in high-performance buildings and reap growing energy and resource savings. To date, Green Leader portfolios are activating these savings across more than 1.3 billion square feet of cumulative floor area in the commercial, industrial, and retail sectors.

Again, a wonderful aspect of BOMA 2018 is the amount of rich and informative educational sessions being offered to attendees. The marketplace is filled with “big ideas.” New insights, information, and innovations. But how do you put it all into practice? Join other professionals and industry experts for more than 40 sessions to help you streamline operations, overcome obstacles and identify opportunities. Big ideas pave the way for big success.

2018 is an exciting year to be involved with the global real estate industry, with many exciting topics up for discussion. Innovation, education, and communication seem to be three areas that keep cropping up. Luckily, these are three areas that we build our software and products to enhance for businesses.

BOMA’s schedule at a glance page gives insight into a myriad of sessions that discuss topics such as ‘Tenant Communications’, ‘Certificates of Insurance’, ‘Mentorship’, and ‘Improving Communication and Engagement with Tenants’. All these topics will offer attendees a powerful insight with knowledge that can be used to enhance their business and communications strategy with their tenants whilst improving their business overall.

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